Riccardo Nicoletti: “I am waiting my baby with impatience”

Czech writer Milan Kundera once said that “the history of music is mortal, but the idiocy of the guitar is eternal.” He was absolutely right, if we take as a paradigm, the Italian Guitarist and fiancée of Francesca Ferragni, Riccardo Nicoletti. The great -father to be- gave an exclusive glimpse/scoop regarding his life, future plans and of course, about all the behind the scenes of his engagement party.

Read the interview below:

You have received your technician diploma from Cremona’s Ala Ponzone Cimino Professional Institute. However, you worked as a Plumber at Fardani Idraulica for over a year before pursuing a career in music.

Actually, I have always had a job in Italy. It is very hard to become a professional musician, especially if you play rock music.

What was the most difficult path you had to go through, in order to, get into the music industry?

I wouldn’t say “music industry”, as I have played only in the “underground” environment, where all things are done in “DIY” way. Believe me, in the small world of the “underground” music we must work really hard.

There were people close to you, who did not believe in you, but you prove them wrong?

Honestly, I think that the first and most important thing is to believe in yourself. Other opinions do not matter.

Speaking about people, I would like to talk about the story of your favorite one: Francesca Ferragni. You two have met on the main stage of the Alcatraz in Milan, where you were performing with your band. Did you know that you were going to fall for her? What was your first ever thought about Francesca?

Francy and I met in Cremona, our hometown, few years ago. Actually, in 2007. In the beginning I thought about some dating, nothing more, nothing serious but it turned out that I was wrong (Laughing).

What is the one thing you don’t have as a personality, but Francesca has it and completes you 💯%?

 I was lazy, too much lazy but Francy woke me up from this laziness. I am sure, today I am a better person thanks to her.

When you are having a fight, which one, regrets and says “sorry”?

For me is not hard to say the word “sorry”. Sometimes, I say it just because I hate fighting and I want only to end the discussion (Laughing).

Recently, you proposed to Francesca in front of her family. Was that unexpected or did you stage the proposal with Fedez and Luca?

Well, for me the occasion of the Birthday party made things easier but the rest, I did it by myself.

Apart from this, you are going to be a father. What is the most exciting thing about it? Have you ever changed the diaper of Leone or Vittoria in order to make practice?

I am waiting my baby with impatience. I don’t know anything about babies. It is a new world for me. I have to learn everything, but I am not scared about it. However, I think that step by step, I can become a good father.

Have you reached/asked for advice from Fedez and Chiara?

Not for now, but time is coming, and I am sure that Chiara and Fedez have good advice to give me.

You also appear in the television series “The Ferragnez” which shows in streaming on Amazon Prime Video. What else, do we have to expect from you as part of the show?

My contribution to the series, was to eat and drink (Laughing).

Have you ever deleted an Instagram post because you forced to or you made a mistake?

 No never. Usually, I am pretty sure about the material I am publishing.

I know that you are also passionate about tattoos, animals, books, travelling and surfing. What else we don’t know about you?

I love the bees. Yes, the bees. Have you ever tried to work with bees? I mean, to take the honey, to have care about them. It is totally relaxing. Trust me!

What are your future plans?

My future plans, for the next months, is to be ready for the baby. This is the most important thing!

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