Pinay chef Erica Paredes in Cyprus: The story behind!

Someone once said that “your dreams will navigate your path”. And that is absolutely true for the famous Paris-based Filipino chef Erica Paredes. Her path life guided her to turn her passion into a successful career; when she was the director of marketing for a beauty brand in the Philippines, she went on a trip to France and then something happened inside her and decided that she had to pursue her dream career. So six months after her trip, she relocated to Paris, enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu cooking school and learn the Parisians how to eat and enjoy the Filipino cuisine. However, that is not the whole story as she recently will open her own restaurant by the name “Reyna.Paris“.

I call myself lucky, as I had the opportunity to meet Erica in Cyprus, during the celebration of the 42nd of the Philippines and Cyprus Diplomatic relations. The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of the Philippines, Larnaca, Charmagne Garcia-Lagonico, invited Erica in the town of Zenon, in order to make some special dishes for three different kind of dinner-events in the city, and all the proceeds are going for the benefit of the victims of Typhoon Odette in the Philippines.

As for my personal experience with Erica, I have to say that everything was beyond my imagination; she is a really polite, descent and cool person, so she answered me some questions about her and of course I had the opportunity to eat some of her delicious plates at “Elia Backyard” restaurant in Larnaca.

See below and get ready to be jealous!

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