“The monster in me: WHY?”

People. One word, so many thoughts. Speaking about it, what do they really think? The questions have a lot of answers that can be answered only by other questions. Indeed, we meet people by chance, or we meet them for a purpose and in the nick of time we lose them and still don’ t know the reason behind. I know that my thoughts are really complicated but as I write this article everything would be simpler and hope we will get to solve this puzzle.

Maybe the people that entering our lives without any warnings are the individuals who will damage emotionally the most but that would make you stronger. You will spend time together and share some unique and beautiful moments but in the end they will leave you. Not because you have done something wrong but because the can’ t see the light in your soul because they live in the dark. They reached out to you, to get out of their darkness and see another world. A hopeful world. However, they will have trouble to walk through the light and see the sun with you, because in reality they can’t face there own issues and therefore they can’t control the monster in them. So, there emotions and thoughts would be just like a roller coaster. Deep down, you know from the first “hello” that this person may be damage but YOU hope to heal them, to be next to them and have a fresh start.

Unfortunately, those kind of people, can’t realize that by having you next to them, they will understand that this is a “window to freedom”, a new opportunity to seize the day and therefore to throw down the walls of doubts. I am not saying that this is easy. I understand 100% the situation but if the person who “conquered” your life out of the blue, suddenly decided that you have no longer existence in their life, then something is not right and that’s where the piece of the “puzzle” is missing; it is really bad when you have some feelings about that person, who was in your daily routine and suddenly that individual who was supposed to be your friend finds some cheap excuses in order to “get rid of you”. So, you have a million questions in your head. Your mind is blown away and you have that BIG “WHY” inside you. WHY is that happening to me? WHY they are leaving like that? WHY? The real reason is that you are not the problem. The person who did that to you is damaged inside. He/She can’t control themselves and therefore can’t control their emotions and that affects your relationship. So, everything is falling apart.

Is there a specific reason for meeting people? Truth is that everybody is going to hurt you, but the real question is can you handle that? Are you ready to live on the edge and get to know the limits of your true self? Think about it and stop asking WHY. After all, everything happens for a reason, right?!

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