Avant – premiere for «The Ghosts of Monday»

Undoubtedly, the cinema in Cyprus has “blossomed” and managed to win global awards. However, behind the huge filming success is hiding the production company “Altadium Group”, which once again managed to impress the Cypriot film industry with its third film in a row.

The company’s project is entitled “The Ghosts of Monday”, a movie that would make avant-premiere on Thursday 18/11 at K-CINEPLEX in Limassol at 20:00.

Plot of the story

The -ghost- story revolves around a group of US filmmakers who travel to Cyprus to shoot a documentary about an infamous resort where more than 100 people mysteriously died.

The Hotel is now owned by a rich, eccentric couple – Frank and Rosemary Evans, whose plan is to bring the Gula back to its former glory. Alas, the Hotel is said to be haunted, which just so happens to be the ideal scenario for Eric’s new show. What begins as a routine shoot turns into a very real and terrifying journey into the unknown.

The screenplay is co-written by Barry Keating (“Nightworld”, “Downhill”) and Director Francesco Cinquemani, which is based on real events experienced and narrated by the film’s producer, Loris Curci. In addition, on the production team is the film’s main character Marianna Rosset and her husband Vitaly Rosset.


The cast includes Julian Sands, Elva Trill, Mark Huberman, Flavia Watson, Marianna Rosset and local actors Anthony Skordi, Maria Ioannou and Christina Marouchou. Guest star of the film is the fabulous Greek Actress Ioanna Triantafyllidou (Joanna Fyllidou).

World Premiere of the movie “The Ghosts of Monday”

  • Press Conference at St. Raphael Hotel, Limassol from 17:00 pm-18:00pm
  • Red Carpet Event with guest star veteran Actor Julian Sands at K-CINEPLEX, Limassol. Doors open at 18:30 pm
  • Movie Screening at K-CINEPLEX, Limassol – 20:00 pm


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