Benedetta Caretta: “It is not easy to cover a song that another amazing artist made famous”



Music expresses things which cannot be said and it is impossible to be silent. Many artists make a “soundtrack” for every memory we have done in our lives.
The mesmerizing Artist Benedetta Caretta has the quality star. Her beauty is not her biggest asset as the real one is her crystal voice. She has the ability to sing and make you feel that everything is possible.
Her music duet Croatian Cellist Stjepan Hauser and the cover they create together “break” the internet. People love them when they sing, as their voices are so magical!
In an exclusive interview to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, Benedetta Caretta “travels” us to her musical world and shares her “señorita” experience. She also explains why in most of the videos with Hauser her face is not in the screen.




A: Anna Krith – Journalist
B: Benedetta Caretta – Artist
A: Indeed, you have ‘the voice withIN you’. When did you discover your talent?
B: I started singing when I was 3 years old. This is what my parents told me. I discovered my talent thanks to “Titanic” movie and Celine Dion.



A: What are your fondest musical memories?
B: I used to always sing. I started, when I was very little, with songs from Celine Dion and Walt Disney movies and then I bought my first Karaoke and I used to entertain my family and friends.


A: What’s the (musical) story between you and Hauser?
B: I knew Hauser through his music and I admired him very much. I met him 8 months ago. We tried to record a song together as an experiment and people liked it so much that we kept recording.


A: Why in most of the music videos with Hauser on Instagram your face is not in the screen? Is it just to focus on your wonderful voice?
B: I started recording like this before meeting him. I wanted people to focus just on my voice and on my music without getting distracted by other things.


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A: Are you the kind of person who sings in the shower?
B: Yes, of course! I sing everywhere and, in the shower too because it has an amazing acoustics…


A: How do you balance your music with other obligations?
B: I have always managed to finish the school in time even when I had many work commitments, because I think it is very important to have a degree. I have graduated in jazz singing at the conservatory and now I’m 23 and I finally can concentrate only on music.




A: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?
B: I think that Internet impacted very much the music business. Nowadays, everyone is free to express themselves. You don’t need a label or a contract with a manager to be heard; people can discover you on Instagram or on YouTube and you can build your career with these platforms.
However, I think that even if now is easier to post everything, we should always remember that all these numbers don’t mean much, if there is not a substance behind our contents.


A: Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?
B: Yes, always. It never goes away, every time I come on stage is like the first time.




A: Do you know any Greek singers who would love to collaborate with?
B: Unfortunately, I don’t know any Greek singer but I will make up soon!



A: What is the ultimate song you would like to cover?
B: There are always songs that I want to cover but I’m already doing most of the songs I love. It is not easy to cover a song that another amazing artist made famous because you have to find your way of doing it and it must be equally strong and when we are talking about Celine or Whitney this is not easy!




A: If you had an offer for being in the panel of a music show in Cyprus, would you consider it?
B: Why not, I will see what life brings me and decide at the moment what to do, I don’t want to make any plan 🙂



5 Comments Add yours

  1. kathi Spraggins says:

    Love your recordings with Hauser. I’ve started following you alone also. Beautiful to hear and see. Keep the music coming.


  2. How did you and Hauser meet?


  3. Janet Laird says:

    Sure wish that Benedetta & Hauser were still together.


  4. Donna says:

    Benedetta is a phenomenal singer so much talent and her voice is very angelic. She is popular now but she’ll be even more popular as time goes on she needs a good record producer to give her a hit and then the album.

    The videos with hauser are so good entertaining people love them. I hope they do more it very entertaining. What really would be great is to see Benedetta‘s sing full profile and Hauser playing his music as well. A small concert. They make beautiful music together.


  5. Guy Robert says:

    Benedetta is smooth and powerful at same time. Hauser is a good musician and right, they look great togheter but she can sing with any musician. I’m sorry for her. She’s the greatest singer I’ve ever heard.


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