Raed Mourad: “DWTS was one of the best experiences in my life”


Martha Graham said that “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”. She was absolutely right; by dancing you find your inner peace and you can express yourself in a “rhythm” that nobody else can figure out for you.

That’s exactly how the Champion of Lebanon in Latin & Ballroom dancing Raed Mourad feels about dancing.

His moves are mesmerizing as he always dancing with passion and that’s his secret “ingredient” for being so successful and triumphant.

Speaking of victory, he participated alongside Lebanese Actress Daniella Rahme on “Dancing With The Stars Middle East Season 2” and managed to win the show!

In an exclusive interview to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, Raed Mourad, speaks about his biggest challenges in life and comments on winning the dancing show. On the other hand, he talks about his true friendship with Daniella Rahme and reveals his ambitions!



A: Anna Krith – Journalist

R: Raed Mourad – Dancer


A: Dancing was always on your mind? I mean from childhood?

R: I was first introduced to dancing, thanks to my School “Mont La Salle” and to my parents push. Before that, I knew nothing about it and it meant nothing for me. I was curious to try something new and apparently exciting and having such sweet and passionate dance teachers helped a lot. At the same time, I was scared because dancing connotated femininity and I was 9 years old, an age where we can easily get bullied! Since those beautiful days and until now, dancing has always been on my mind.



A: Do you remember what made you really want to dance? Don’t you think that it was written in the stars?

R: I can never forget the magical chemistry, I witnessed in my teachers when they first danced together. As they were introducing us to dancing, they performed some steps together for about 30 seconds. It was a surprise to us all seeing a lady and a gentleman holding one another intimately and looking each other in the eyes joyfully and playfully. At this age boys and girls are very shy from each other. We would never dare dance like that together! And honestly that was the thrill of the adventure I really enjoyed. It was such an overwhelming experience. Maybe dancing for me was written in the stars or maybe it was a coincidence, but for sure dancing took me to the stars from the very beginning!



A: Speaking of stars, how was it winning the “Dancing with the stars Middle East” Season 2?

R: It was one of the best experiences in my life. Besides, it was my first time participating in DWTS, while I was in my final year at university studying for my engineering degree. It was a crazy season! My partner Daniella Rahme was very passionate and determined, so together we made it winning the season!



A: When they announced to you that your partner was Actress Daniella Rahme, what was your first thought? What do you admire the most about her and what would you like to wish her?

R: Daniella Rahme was known as “Miss Emigrants Australia” and a TV Presenter during DWTS season 2. Before we knew that we were assigned together, DWTS producers organized a gathering for all celebrities and professional dancers. We talked a little bit, and I remember that focused look in her eyes, she told me: “I heard you are the Lebanese Champion and new to this season. I hope I’ll be with you and I want to win this season!” When they announced us that we will be each other’s partner, I was really happy and excited. I admire her determination and desire to be the best! I wish her what she deserves: Success! And she’s proving it every year!

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A: You have participated in many -worldwide- competitions, which one is your ultimate goal?

R: I am very passionate about dance sport competitions, and thus my ultimate goal is the world championship. In fact, I don’t settle for less than the best version that I can be.


A: What would you like to accomplish as a dancer, if there were zero restrictions?

R: I’d love to spread my love for dancing in my country. Dance sport was newly introduced to our society and my challenge is to improve our level in dancing as much as possible!


A: As a dance teacher what is the skill that one needs to work successfully?

R: To me the most important thing for a teacher is to keep working on himself, improving his level and updating his knowledge. Because teaching is a huge responsibility and there is no better satisfaction than seeing great results from students. However, it’s not enough to know well about what you teach; it’s also crucial to know about human psychology and to be able to grasp every student’s inner world! Because no one is the same and there is no magical method that works for all.



A: Now, with the coronavirus situation, has anything changed in your life? What do you do that you didn’t do previously?

R: My life was filled with direct contact with my students everyday. And suddenly everything stopped. This has not been easy at all, and trust me there is no technology in the world that can ever replace the direct human interaction. Nevertheless, I went on a long vacation to the mountains, away from the risk and I got closer to nature. I learned a lot about agriculture and how to work in it. I love grasping opportunities for exploring new things.


A: What is on your bucket list?

R: Skydiving

Swimming with dolphins

Playing with monkeys

Developing my own application

Dancing with my idols

Getting married and having kids



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