Patrick Van Negri: “Hopefully, I will leave a legacy that other people will emulate from…”


“If it could be better, it is as good as broken”. That’s his philosophy but who is this genius man?
He is highly motivated and passionate about everything. He has strong opinions on social issues and consults with mastery and effectiveness. Patrick Van Negri is the “eyes”, “ears” and “voice” of his own social media company and a man who can -clearly- can do anything he puts in his mind. He is a Content Creator, GQ Insider and of course Digital & Social Media Consultant.
Indeed, he is one of the most stylish men in the world; it is just like he was born to conquer the world of fashion. Definitely, you can call him “Mr. Fashion”. It is clearly in his DNA!
In an exclusive interview to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, Patrick Van Negri and talks about his social media journey, the GQ experience and explains why having a trash can that opens with a sensor is a luxury that he could not live without! On the other hand, he reveals which celebrity loves to follow, although he does not follow what celebrities are doing!


You are a GQ Insider and also a Social Media Influencer. How can you combine the two professions?

They come hand-in-hand. I became a GQ Insider because of social media. It is an invite-only done by GQ, so I was happy to join on-board once they invited me, due to the fact that GQ is an establishment, I always look up to; they focus on the same subjects as I do, and our visions aligned. So, in a way, it is constant collaboration, and I still do the same work as I would as a “social media influencer”. I love it!

What is the most important “tool” for influencing people to be the best version of themselves? In your opinion which celebrity has the most powerful Instagram account?
To be authentic and valuable. You need to bring some sort of value to be “influencing” people. That can be in the form of education, entertainment, or simple motivation and inspiration or being in touch with them. I do not follow what celebrities are doing, but I love following The Rock (@therock). He just does things the next level for everything for a long-time. He is a genuine and good-hearted person, and that comes across so easily and naturally. I love that guy!

What have you learned from your long experience and passion and, of course, through traveling around the world?
That WE as humans are so insignificant and small, and that we need more empathy and compassion. That little things that people stress about are not necessary and that we need to focus on the bigger picture and things that matter. If I can change or improve just one of my follower’s life that that is a big deal. Little things and “planting seeds” in people for a better outcome is what I believe my job is. The “devil” is in the detail. If I can do that every day, both in real-life and digitally, I can die happy and hopefully leave a legacy that other people will emulate from and create an even more significant difference in the world.


Have you traveled to Greece? Any thoughts about the Greek people?
Not yet, but I will hopefully soon! I love Greece. It reminds me of a lot of my home, Croatia! Beautiful landscapes, thousands of islands, and blue sea. Wonderful people and world-class food. I cannot wait to explore it, taste it, and meet wonderful people along the way!


If you had to disappear and start a whole new life, what would you want your new life to look like?
I would just want to be happy, no matter where I am or what I am doing, and make people around me happy and be useful not only from them but also for the community and the world. I have many passions in life, so I am pretty sure I could start over at least 10-20 times. LOL!


What is a relationship “deal breaker” for you, and what “materials” are necessary for your ideal candidate?
Well, I found one already (laughing). It all starts with the heart and intention of that person. It has to be kind, loving, supportive, and have passions as well. She has to be clean, funny, and willing to deal with my crazy-extreme-obsessive character and trust me that we can take over the world and make a great change together!

Is there something that is considered a luxury, but you don’t think you could live without?
I am obsessed and OCD with little details that could quickly drive me crazy. By that, I mean to make my every-day life simple and fast. In other words, for example:
Having a trash can that opens with a sensor or voice-control (I do not like touching dirty surfaces or having to make more than 1 move)
• Having drawers/cabinets that open smoothly and close automatically
• Having GPS in the car that automatically connects, without me doing anything as well as continues music/podcast and again voice-control
• Having a super-fast computer and phone, so I navigate fast and do more work because that is where I spent 75% of my day
• Having super-quality bed, bedding, pillow, and black-out environment because sleep is everything
• Having quality foods and drinks to fuel your body, which should be your temple, and for a long healthy life
That list goes on and on, and you can understand where I am coming from. That can cost quite some money, but nothing like gaining more time in the day and ease your mind of things. Every dollar and second counts, and they add up quickly through the day, as well as your well-being and health.

What would you sacrifice for the love of your life?
I already am, but yes, everything!
Any exciting 2020 projects that your fans should know about?
Yes, I have already been to Chamonix Mont Blanc in France, as well as Croatia. I am entirely designing my new apartment. I am so excited about it because we work with the blank canvas, and I finally get to create my own bar in there. I plan tons of traveling this year and super-exciting collaborations that I am sure my followers will love it and bring them tons of value, entertainment, and education.


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