Anastasia Mikhaylova: The promising young Producer of Hollywood

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My name is Anna Krith and I am a Greek Journalist. I had the opportunity of meeting Anastasia Mikhaylova a year ago, when I was about to set up some interviews for the upcoming movie of Dimitri LogothetisJiu Jitsu”.

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She was waiting for me at a lobby hotel in Cyprus… I recognized her from her figure. I went straight forward to her and I told her “Hi. I am Anna”. She was really friendly and from her very first world, I understood that Anastasia is a really good person and professional.

We instantly became friends. She told me about her projects and awards. For example she was nominated at the Rebel Minded Festival for the short film “The Coincidence” and won the award at the Great Lakes Film Festival for the movie “Blue Ribbons”.

Being a producer is really hard but Anastasia makes it seem so easy! She is really good at this. We talked for hours but it was just like it was for 1 minute. Time flied so fast.

The next time, I saw her, it was during the shooting in Mammari. She was an expert and well-organized. As a Producer, she was in close contact with pretty much everyone on the shoot and got involved from the very start of the project to the very end, which I found it really enjoyable.

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Besides, she is the person, who connects investors to their vision, and ultimately bring structure to the typically chaotic process of film production. Her job is really hard as she in charged to handle money, schedules, contracts, personnel, and a multitude of other less glamorous tasks that are essential to making a production happen.

As for the working hours, she spends plenty of time in meeting or on the location which the film would be shoot. Her duty is really important. Definitely working as a producer. It is extremely stressful. I can tell. It is a real rollercoaster but with the right people in the team everything would be fine. Real producers love cinema and Anastasia loves every aspect of it! She is a real gem!

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Her groundbreaking ideas can change the way we watch movies! I am really glad that I can call Anastasia, my friend. She can really “dominate” the “walk of fame” and make her dreams come true! The future belongs to you, Anastasia!

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