Seyitan Atigarin: “The Morning Show is my most fulfilling job ever!”

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From an ordinary girl, to extraordinary woman! Seyitan Atigarin is the kind of person who can achieve every goal she sets her mind to! I met, Seyitan, in Birmingham, when I was studying “International Broadcast Journalism”. She was one of my classmates and was really fancy and unique. I remember, when we were talking about gym (at that time we were both gym freaks and we were discussing about it) and other activities. Her personality is really vivid, so you do not have the option of ignoring her. After graduation, she returned back to Lagos, Nigeria where she became a star!

Now, Seyitan is an award-winning TV presenter, Producer and the Creative Director of “ABEBIBYTAN” (kimono line) and managed to spread her talents, not only in Nigeria but to the whole world!

In an exclusive interview to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, the beautiful TV Presenter opens up about her student life and how she managed to rise to fame and fulfill her dreams!

P.S: I am lucky to call you, my friend!


A: Anna Krith – Journalist

S: Seyitan Atigarin – TV Presenter

A: How was university life in Birmingham and what will you remember?

S: It was amazing, I will always remember being submerged in all the course work but not in a bad way like you’d expect. I absolutely enjoy being a broadcaster and was always excited when we were able to go out into the field to put everything we had learnt in the classroom into practice.


A: Did you keep in touch with some of your university classmates?

S: Yes I do! It was a pretty small class so at some point during the course we had all been paired with each other at least once making it very easy for us to keep in touch over the years even after graduation.


A: What were your first steps that lead you become a really successful TV Presenter in Nigeria?

S: I can only think of one and it’s simply a never ending step, Consistency! I just kept working, at first it was because it was my only income but as time has passed I have come to realize that I became a better presenter because of my experience.

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A:What do you love the most about hosting Live on the Red Carpet?

S:The energy, the vibe, being in the middle of all the action. Nigerians tend to go all out during their premieres and events. Only if I could do it in flats, that would be perfect!

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A: Recently, you designed and launched your own kimono line by the name “Abebibytan”. How do you feel about it and what is your main goal?

S: I say this all the time, I’m obsessed with kimonos. I am a lazy dresser and they are the easiest thing to wear, very stylish and can switch up any outfit. Because kimonos are multi-functional in nature, I design with specific focus on the fabric type. My main goal is to get everyone, I’m talking your mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, aunty, uncle, EVERYBODY! I want everyone to own at least one Abebibytan Kimono.


A: What was your most difficult time in the entertainment industry?

S: Those silent periods between gigs.

A: You turn 29 soon, what are you most excited about? What’s next for you?

S: Eek!! I’m excited about a lot things! That I have birthday coming up (I love celebrating birthdays, mine or otherwise), I’m excited about Abebibytan, she just turned 2 this month and we are releasing a male collection very soon. I’m excited about my career. I just started anchoring the Morning Show for Arise News TV it’s been my most fulfilling job ever.



A: What social stigma does society need to get over?

S: Racism. It makes absolutely no sense. It is vile and inhuman.

A: What happens in your country regularly that people in most countries would find strange or bizarre?

S: Power outage! Nigeria is a third world country and having the power out for periods of time is completely normal believe it or not.


A: Any plans for vacation during the summer period?

S: I just got back actually (IJGB- only Nigerians would get this). I spent the summer with my family in New York & Michigan. Good times!

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