JuJu Chan & Antony Szeto: The ‘martial art’ of love




Interview by Anna Krith!


She is fearless, strong and indomitable. She is the kind of woman who can do anything. Honestly, in her veins runs the blood of a genuine ‘soldier’. Many people call her as the ‘female Bruce Lee’. Of course, we talk about the Hong Kong American actress JuJu Chan. She is best known for her role as Silver Dart Shi in ‘Crouching Tiger’ and for participating in the reality television series ‘Rich Mate, Poor Mate’.

I had the pleasure of meeting her, in Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite and indeed, I was amazed by her amazing attitude and how humble she and her husband -to be- Antony Szeto are. At first, I went for an interview, but as I introduced myself to them, I realized that it was going to be just like a chat among friends.


We sat down on the grey couch of the living room of their hotel room and we discussed about their upcoming wedding in Los Angeles, their pre-wedding photoshoot here in Cyprus and also about their upcoming projects ‘Jiu Jitsu’ and ‘Wu Assassins’.

Antony and JuJu met in Hong Kong, during a common project and they hang out together as friends. After years, Antony told her that she likes her and then they start dating. Soon, JuJu realized that he is ‘the one’. Years later, Antony proposed to her -in the most romantic way- in Vancouver and in October they are going to tie the knot in a unique glass chapel in Los Angeles, among their friends and family.


ju ju.jpeg
JuJu visited Cyprus, as she is starring in the sci-fi film of Dimitri Logothetis,‘’Jiu Jitsu’’. She and her husband to be, fell in love with the beauties of the island and decided to do their pre-wedding photoshoot in Ayia Napa and Paphos, the birthplace of Goddess Aphrodite.

Stay tuned for the exclusive interview on OK MAGAZINE!

Currently, JuJu is in China for the Jackie Chan International Action Film Week.

Note that she will be starring in the role of Zan on the upcoming Netflix series, Wu Assassins, that it debuts globally on August 8th.


ju m.jpeg

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