Cecilia Krull: “I’m recording new songs – Not for movies or series”



She is the kind of singer who keeps a low profile, despite the success and popularity she gained after singing “My Life is Going On” – the soundtrack of Spanish Television Series phenomenon “La Casa De Papel“.

Her voice is pure magic and she speaks three languages (French, Spanish & English). She is the kind of person who believes in destiny and right now is living her ultimate dream. Of course, we talk about the one and only, Cecilia Krull. If I had to describe her with one word, then that would definitely be “Unique”.

Recently, she visited Greece in order to perform at “MadWalk 2019” and I have to admit that when she started singing live, I was in awe! Her performance was outstanding but her simplicity blown me away, so I could not waste time and I asked her to do an interview!

In this exclusive interview to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, the magnificent Cecilia, talks about her performance at the show in Greece, her childhood and reveals that she is working on a new project.


A: Anna Krith – Journalist

C: Cecilia Krull – Singer


A: “My Life is Going On” is the title of the soundtrack of “La Casa De Papel”. How did you feel about it and how is your life going on after the huge – worldwide- success of the song?

C: It’s a dream come true. I feel very thankful and I really want to be focus and keep working and doing more songs with all my love.


A:   You recently attended “Madwalk” in Greece. How was the whole experience? Which performance of that spectacular night, impressed you the most?



C: It was very special for me to be at the “Madwalk” show! What an incredible fashion, art experience ! You are so talented and nice in Greece ! I cannot choose only one performance, because I was really impressed about everything!



A: Is there any Greek singer that could be the next big thing (in an international level)? Except from Eleni Foureira, who is already on an international track!


C: I was about to say Eleni Foureira (Laugh). You have very talented singers with great voices. I don’t know who could be that next one!


A: Which singer would you like to see performing your song “My life is Going On” and why?


C: I receive, each day, a lot of covers from my social media, for example on Instagram. For me it’s so important that someone who is at home, sings my song or when a superstar performs it at a show! So, I guess everybody is important to me !



A: Your family brings music in their veins but it all started at the age of 7 with productions at Disney. Tell me more about it.


C: My father is a Musician, Piano player and Composer, specializing in jazz music. As for my mother, she just sings really really beautiful. I started at a very young age (at the age of 7). At the beginning, it started as game for me; it was just like someone was learning a language….It is a gift and I’m very happy for that! It was written for me I think …. Trust in destiny.


A: Were any of your songs written to symbolize your childhood?


C: No, not yet but of course, it’s a very good thing to explore and write about it!


A:  I know that one of your fave(u)rite musicians is Stevie Wonder. Can you imagine yourself singing on stage with your role model? Is this, one of your future goals?


C: I have always imagined that, when I was younger (Laugh)! But it’s not a goal … It’s just dreaming big.


A: Who has taught you the most about the business and what to expect?


C: My career, the Musicians, my own experience and sharing with other people it’s always where I learned the most. I really don’t expect something. I just want to keep working hard and give the best of myself , with gratitude and love.


A: What message, if any, do you try to put into your work?


C: Emotions and truth!


A:  What movie can you watch a million times and not get bored?


C: Haha! “Sister Act” is a movie I do not get bored!


A: When it comes to sitting down and writing a song, where do you tend to start?


C: Mmmm, I’m not usually sitting down (laugh)! It comes very naturally. Sometimes I’m driving and singing and a melody “appears” on my mind! Sometimes, I am creative when I am in the supermarket! So, I take my phone and start to record! People must think that I’m crazy 🙂


A: What is a fun fact for your fans that you are unlikely to find on the internet?


C: On tour, all the time, I laugh with the band. I love to make jokes. It’s very important to me!



A: Are you coming to Greece anytime soon?


C: Yes !! Hopefully! I’m working on it ! Can’t wait !


A: Are there any other projects you’re currently working on?


C: I’m recording new songs, not for movies or TV series. I am Just doing my own project. Hope you are going to like my new songs as much as “My life is Going On “ .


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