Elena Farga: I would love to collaborate with Eleni Foureira

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Read the interview in GREEK VERSION- HERE

Undoubtedly, X-Factor has brought out some of the greatest talents of the international music scene. This year, we met, one of those musical phenomena through the Spanish version of the X-Factor.

Her name is Elena Farga, who enchanted the rigorous jury with her unique voice and managed to stand out among thousands of other candidates.

In an exclusive interview to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, the talented young musician talks about her X-Factor experience, the role that singing plays in her life while she discusses about her appearance on the Dulceweekend festival.


A: Anna Krith – Journalist

E: Elena Farga – Singer


A: You have an incredible voice. It was your decision to participate on the Spanish edition of the X-Factor  ? What have you learned from your journey on the show?

E: First of all, I want to say sorry, because my English is not so good! (haha). Well, not really, they phoned me in order to go to the casting and I said yes!

I have learned a lot from my experience on the X-Factor. Not only as a musician, but as a person as well. Personally, the most important thing that I have learned is that you don’t have to judge people by the first impression.

I remember my first day in the X-Factor’s house, when I first saw W CAPS (a group), we used to hate each other and now they are one of my best friends.

elena farga 4

A: You have sung at the “Dulceweekend”. How was the whole experience? You have become really good friends with the popular Spanish influencer Aida Domenech, who stands for the women empowerment.

E: When I was on the “Dulceweekend” festival, I felt like a star (haha). It was my first time on a stage after my participation on the X-Factor and it was amazing. I realized that I wanted to sing for the rest of my life.

Indeed, Aida is a really great woman. I have learned a lot of things because of her and I am so proud of everything she does.


A: What is your ultimate dream? Would you collaborate with Greek Singer Eleni Foureira? (Eurovision song – Fuego).

E: My dream is to be able to sing for the rest of my life. It is my ultimate dream. I would love to make people happy, as a lot of musicians make me. I would love to collaborate with Eleni Foureira! It would be so cool.


A: If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?

E: The rule I think everyone have to follow is to “Believe in yourself”. Don’t care if someone tells you that you can’t reach your dreams. If you trust yourself, sooner or later everything would be alright.

elena 3

A: If you had a clock that would countdown to any one event of your choosing, what event would you want it to countdown to?

E: My dream is to sing at the Madison Square Garden. So I guess, I would choose this event.





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