Alba Paul Ferrer: I hope that the exposure of my relationship with Aida would help people to accept who they are


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We may live in the 21st century, but some issues remain a taboo in our society. However, there are people who “break” stereotypes and accept diversity. A true example is Spain’s Influencer, Alba Paul Ferrer, who, about two years ago, married the famous Spanish Fashion Icon and Influencer, Aida Domènech (Dulceida).
In an exclusive interview to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, the talented Influencer Alba Paul Ferrer recounts her own love story and delivers lessons to those who are still afraid of embracing and accepting themselves. At the same time, she talks about her acquaintance with the woman of her dreams, Aida, for her biggest failure, her “motto” while she explains why Hawaii is one of her favorite exotic destinations.


A: Anna Krith – Journalist

Alba: Alba Paul Ferrer – Influencer

A: Tell me about your childhood. How was it? What “guards” of that moment?

Alba: It was a full and happy childhood. I was a naughty girl and a little nervous. I liked to do everything and I was a good student at school but I did not like anything (hehe). I remember that any little thing made me happy. If I had to keep something from my childhood, it would be my innocencity.


A: You are an Instagram influencer. How did you start?

Alba: The truth, is that I started without looking for it. When I met Aida, my beautiful wife, I started to gain followers; I guess people liked the way I am , due to the fact that the followers on my Instagram account were growing day by day. Also, it might be because I am Dulceida’s wife. I guess all the aforementioned made me today an “influencer”.


A: When and where did you meet your wife, Aida Domènech? When you realize that you are in love with Aida, did you tell her without hesitation?

Alba: Well, I met her in a nightclub. We have friends in common, and that is why we met a couple of times. Although, the first impression I had, was not a crush; I think I had a crush on her the third time we met. Actuallly, on a friend’s birthday I realized that I liked her and that I felt a great attraction towards her, so a few months after that day we had a little crisis and I realized that I could not be without her ❤





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A: You travel across the world. Where would you like to go again and why?

Alba: The most wonderful part of my work is to travel. You get to know new cultures, unique landscapes and a thousand other things that enrich you and make you grow as a person. There are many places, I would go back to, but I am lucky to say that next month Aida and I would fly back to Hawaii and I can say that it is one of my favorite destination, so I am happy !Its landscapes are amazing; It has celestial sea, wild, florescent mountains, black sand beaches, green beaches and petrified lava landscapes. Also, in Hawaii’s fauna is “bestial”. I can say that when I go there, I improve my expectations.


A: How is a typical day in your week? What is the best way to start the day?

Alba: Truth is that we are rarely at home, so every day is a different day. But, I had to choose order then here you go; we wake up, have breakfast, get ready, think the perfect look for the photo according to the place where we are. All in all, the best way to start the day is to have breakfast in bed, many pampering and to be able to be in a paradisiacal beach.




A: What was your biggest failure? Did you have and what did you learn from that?

Alba: Truth is that I do not know if I can call it failure but I think that when you are young it is difficult to decide what you want to be when you grow up; some of you know it early, but I did not have that luck. I think that the fact of choosing a career that never filled me and still studying it until almost the end, made me lose many years in vain. It was difficult for me, and certainly that was a mistake. Although, I learned that you only have to do what really fills you. I learned a lot in my career, I made great friends, I spent some fantastic years but I lost a lot.


A: When people come to you for help, why do they usually need help?

Alba: It is true that thanks to the exposure of my relationship, I think we have helped many people to feel comfortable with who they are. But in order to lose the fear they have to step forward and say this is me! Every single day, I receive tons of messages asking for advice on how to “get out of the closet”, how to tell their parents that they like someone of the same sex, or how to declare themself to that person. What overwhelms me the most is to receive messages, especially from people in Latin America, about the rejection they receive from their closest friends. I am very sorry for this and I hope that what Aida and I do, will be useful and that they will be brave enough and not afraid to be who they are.


A: On your Instagram page, it is written that “Everything happens for some reason.” What is your reason?

Alba: My motto has always been to live day to day, to be able to express myself and be happy. So, every thing that happens in your life today, then it has a reason for tomorrow The good thing happens for something equal for the bad thing that has happened to you before the good one. My own reason is to be happy every single day. Well, you do not have to leave what you want to do now, for tomorrow because tomorrow you will not do it.


A: Is there something that you constantly lose at home or anywhere?

Alba: The socks and the mobile phone charger. I think that in a year, I have bought 30 piquis (socks) and now I have about 10. As for the mobile chargers I have had 6 in a year! That gets me on nerves!











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