Halie Torris: Lauren Jauregui helped me to come out to my family


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Halie Torris, a Pennsylvanian Artist, drew my attention when I scrolled randomly through some posts on Instagram, and honestly, I have to admit that when I saw her drawings on her profile, I was in awe!

Her talent is amazing. So, without losing time, I contacted her and I asked her to do an interview for Anna Krith’s Lifestyle.

In this exclusive interview, the charismatic Artist talks about her life, her “sketching” muse and the procedure for drawing portraits. Furthermore, she explains how Cuban-American singer Lauren Jauregui helped her coming out to her family and friends while she shares her ultimate dream and explain why trips are of vital importance.


Anna Krith – Journalist
Halie Torris – Artist

A: You are from the USA. Would you move to another country, if an opportunity knocks your door? Tell me more about you!

H: I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I have lived here for 22 years of my life. I would adore moving to another country to be an artist or a freelance. I studied at Seton Hill University -which is right outside of Pittsburgh- and majored in graphic design, minoring in entrepreneurial studies. While I was in college, I have started my own online jewelry business with my college friend. It was called Gray Hemlock; it was an online marketplace for affordable fair trade jewelry all under $30. All of our products were made in proper working conditions, everyone earned a fair wage, and there was no child labor. We chose merchants from all around the globe that fit under these three standards. By starting this business and working at it each and every single day to create visuals that spoke to the brand, taught me so much about the highs and lows of business. Also, I taught myself how as artists and designers, we constantly have to work at our craft and be entrepreneurs at our craft each and every day.


A: Drawing is your passion but why did you choose to paint Lauren Jauregui?

H: It is funny, because I was hesitant to paint Lauren at first. I thought that people wouldn’t like my paintings and would think that it was odd that I painted her so much. When in reality, I connected with everything that she stood for and believes in. I had looked up to her when she came out as bisexual and thus, had helped me eventually come out to my family and friends. When I first painting her, she eventually liked it and I could not believe that she saw it. When she started regularly liking my drawings and sometimes commenting, it fueled me to paint her even more and indeed, it meant the world that she liked them! The engagement that I started to develop on Instagram became my creative outlet to not only create drawings of Lauren, but to create whatever was on my mind. In the end, creating works with Lauren in it became something like a “connected window” with the people in different places and even collaborating with other Instagram artists and becoming part of the art community!


A: What is the procedure for doing a drawing so special? How long does it take to finish a drawing?

H: The procedure for starting a drawing begins with some sort of creative inspiration; I can get an idea from a bike ride, a walk, or traveling to a new place. Inspiration usually comes from doing mundane things and taking a step back from the world. Once, I think on it for a few days (or seconds because when I get an idea and it is vivid enough, I can start it right there). To begin, I will start with a sketch and then develop it into a drawing. With creative edits, I will gather reference photos and images that can work in the composition and then combine those. For traditional paintings, I prime the canvas, sketch, and apply my paint layers. The most important step is research and thinking the idea through first. Once, I conjure it up in my head, it is ready to be created.


A: What other person is your muse? Would you like to try other kind of drawing?

H: Lauren is usually my muse, but lately it has been Charlize Theron as well. She is my favorite actress and when I see photos of her, I usually get inspired right away. She is also very outspoken in her views and is a philanthropist. I look up to her so much as an inspiration and she is strikingly beautiful. A constant ‘muse’ in all of my work is nature though. I am inspired by it constantly and always add natural elements to my work. Nature flows so beautifully with portraiture. We are a part of it as well. I need to practice my weakness and charcoal drawing. I have always struggled because it is such a loose medium and I love applying detail, I need to practice this!

A: What is your ultimate dream and how do you plan to pursue it?

H: My ultimate dream is to be a freelance/artist designer that travels and paints murals. I want to be able to support myself off of my own business and to create paintings/drawings that can create emotion. In my life, I want my work and “play” to blend into one. That is my ultimate goal. I want to create every day and paint things that do not feel like work. Besides, is not this what we all long for?


A: What are you interested in that most people aren’t?

H: I am interested in Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). Many people that I know do NOT understand this. ASMR is amazing. They are relaxing, comforting, and put me to sleep. I am a regular of watching the videos and using them meditatively. They are quite soothing and I have always wanted to start an ASMR art channel. I have been hesitant due to the fact that I’m not sure that I am comfortable in front of a camera like that, yet. I want to try soon though.


A: What are some of the best vacations you have had?

H: I have been to San Francisco, California, Las Vegas, and Barcelona. My trip to Barcelona was fantastic and I loved every moment of it. I went last year, with my basketball team and we travelled to the beach, museums such as “Picasso” and visited the “Sagrada Familia” temple and some other amazing sights. It was an eye-opening experience and I wish to travel back to Europe as soon as possible. My dream is actually to travel to Greece and paint, as well as Italy and Paris (to see the Louvre and have coffee and chocolate croissants haha). Traveling is vital for creative souls; we must step out of ourselves and into new places to gather ideas.


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