Gerard James Borg: Eleni Foureira has the energizing aura of a true star


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He is one of Malta’s most talented music composers. He is the person who gave his country its first best place in the Eurovision Song Contest and has written songs for other countries that participated in the musical contest. As he revealed himself, he had written a candidate song for the Cypriot delegation, in 2012- with “protagonist” Ivi Adamou- but that song, eventually, was not chosen.

These features could only describe a charismatic man, who is none other than the successful Composer and Author, Gerard James Borg, who spoke exclusively to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle about the Eurovision Song Contest and the track he wrote for Ivi Adamou. He also comments on the “explosive” performance of this year’s representative of Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest, Eleni Foureira and explains why some of the biggest events in Malta seems weird to the foreigners. Among them, he talks about his best-selling books, which “conquered” the “heart” of Europe.


Anna Krith – Journalist

Gerard James Borg – Composer & Author

Α: You are one of Malta’s most successful songwriters. How do you feel about it? Also, you have composed multiple songs for plenty of Eurovision’s singer. One of them was Ivi Adamou. Tell me more about it.

G: I enjoy doing what I do and I enjoy being creative but that is the starting point; I have been involved in various artistic projects ranging from Fashion design to creative direction for commercials, etc. I have written over 50 songs that were participated in Eurovision’s selections around Europe. My songs were taken the 2nd place in Iceland, the 4th place in the Netherlands, the 3rd in Norway, and the 5th in Greece, and so and so on! I also wrote six entry songs that represented Malta, giving it thus its first second place in Eurovision (12 points away from victory), and in 2014, I penned the entry for Russia.

Regarding, Ivi Adamou, what you’ve mentioned above it is true. When she represented your country, one of my songs (co-written with a talented bunch of Scandinavian writers) was on hold for her. It was very close to making it to the Cypriot selection for Ivi, but finally, three other songs were chosen, with “La La Love” emerging as the winner. The song we sent to Ivi, it is still, in the “library of my songs” due to the fact that it is so damn good. I am still waiting for that one special artist to perform it! Undoubtedly, Ivi would have made a great impact with it, I am sure.



A: Which Eurovision song deserved to win this year? What is your opinion on Eleni Foureira’s phenomenal performance?

G: I liked both Netta, and Eleni; they both had something different to give. Their performances were great performances. Eleni for me is a great star. She has the attitude, the charisma, the talent, and the energizing aura of a true star. I can tell she is a true professional, and she did what she had to do in a flawless way. I hope she gets to read this, because I do not splash so many positive comments in just one sentence every day (laughing!)

Cyprus had a great song, great performance, and a great artist rolled into three full minutes of sheer… Fuego!!!


A: Except from a major Songwriter, you are also an Author of 3 successful novels. What’s the story behind?

G: Yes. In 2013, I published my first book “Sliema Wives” which was an instant hit in my country. The book topped the best seller list after one week of its release. Then, it was followed by a sexy thriller called “Madliena Married Men” which also became very popular and last October, I released my third book titled “Bormla Babes – Behind-the-scenes” (a racy expose/thriller/drama) that revolves around the selections for the Eurovision Song Contest. The books are characterized by intriguing plot twists and humour. They will keep you turning the pages, and discovering and uncovering things throughout! I’m so glad you heard of them all the way from Cyprus!


A: What’s the most ironic thing you’ve seen happen?

G: A local celebrity, telling me, that she liked one of my book’s character but she did not understand that persona was mostly based on her! It was quite funny actually!

A: What happens in your country regularly that people in most countries would find strange or bizarre?

G: Football and Eurovision are very big events in Malta. So, when we “play” really well, there are cars on the streets and a cacophony of horns. Also, since our football team never gets to the World Cup Finals unfortunately, most people support bigger teams like Italy and the UK. When they win, some people go around the town, waving flags of other countries and honking their horns. I find that totally bizarre, but if it makes them happy, why not?! Malta, is just like one big party, with passionate and energized people. It is a great place, in a small space!


A: Any future goals?

G: My one and true goal, right now, is to find time to travel and enjoy life. Meanwhile, I am working on another book, and have a very interesting project in mind, which I can’t really talk about at the moment.


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