Kiriaki Katsogresaki: The Greek flight attendant of the Saudi Arabia royal family


Read the interview in Greek version – HERE


Kiriaki Katsogresaki, a 28-year-old Greek beauty, “outlined” her own fairy-tale life, as she managed to impress the Saudi Arabia royal family and work as one of its flight attendants.

More specifically, the sweet Cretan began her career at the Heraklion airlines, then she was employed, for 2 years, by the award-winning Emirates Airline and three years ago, she was chosen by the royals themselves to become their personal flight attendant.

In an exclusive interview to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, the impressive Greek woman, talks about her life in Dubai, the myth around women’s oppression and the decision to become a flight attendant. Among other things, she states that she is very lucky to have joined the royal family’s crew members in Saudi Arabia and reveals what she misses the most from Greece.


A: Αnna Krith – Journalist
K: Kiriaki Katsogresaki – Flight Attendant


A: From which part of Greece do you come from? What have you studied?

K: I come from Crete and specifically from a village called Zero. It is near Sitia. I have studied Philosophy at the University of Rethymno.

A: When did you leave from Greece and move to Dubai? How did you decide to become a Flight Attendant?

K: When I graduated, I took my first job as a Flight Attendant in Heraklion, Crete. However, I set a higher goal; to join Emirates, and I did it! I was chosen among 700 girls and that is how I started my journey to the spectacular Dubai. Still, I did not rest assured. I stayed for 2 years in this airline and then I decided to work on private aircrafts. I initially signed a 3 month contract as a probationary period and then I was given the contract, indefinitely. One of the terms of the contract is the “confidentiality clause”. The above term implies that I am obliged to keep absolute confidentiality for non-disclosure of confidential information.



A: You are only 28 -years- old and you work as a crew member of the Saudi Arabia Royal Family. Tell me more about it.

K: I feel very fortunate to have been able to join this royal family as I do not experience it as a job but as a pleasant one. Something like a holiday; due to the fact that we do not make many flights each month and we stay for several days in every destination, so I can rest and explore it. The Royal Family adores Greece and particularly Crete. They have told me, that they have visited it twice and were impressed by the food, music and the Cretan’s hospitality. As for my contract, I have a month of continuous work and the following month I rest. This is really convenient for me as I have plenty of free time to be able to fulfill my next goal; to become a Pilot!


A: How is your life there? The myth about the ‘hard’ living life of a woman in Dubai is true?

K: I enjoy my life in Dubai. It is something like I live in another world. The fact that there is summer all year long is seductive for me, that I am a lover of the sea. As for the second part of the question, I would like to demystify this myth. In Dubai, a woman’s life is not difficult. We do not have to wear burqas. Personally, my adaptation here was easy and I quickly developed new friendships. Besides, I have always wanted to live abroad and I am particularly pleased for accomplished that.



A: What do you miss the most from Greece when you are abroad?

K: What I miss the most is my mummy’s food.


A: What is the reason you would return back to Greece?


K: My family, have always been trusted my decisions and are not worried that I have moved abroad. I make sure that I go to Crete quite often to visit them.


A: What do you consider to be the most important moment in a person’s life?
K: When “blessings are finally done”. There is no greater joy than this.



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