AngelGold: I reject bad energy & prefer to see the best in people


Read the interview in Greek – HERE


Singing is passion and thus the secret of energy. That’s what happens in the case of Ty Dolla $ign’s younger sister, AngelGold who has entered the r’n’b world.

If you listen to her songs you would hear her angelic r’n ‘b voice and each word of the lyrics, it is meaningful.

In an interview to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, AngelGold says that she wants to share her experiences with the world and states that she “rejects bad energy”. Also, she explains why she worries about people and why working with some of her favorite musicians is the most ironic thing that happens to her.



Anna: Anna Krith – Journalist

AngelGold – Singer/ Songwriter





Anna: How did you and your brother Ty Dolla Sign started in the music industry and what similarities (musically) do you have with him?

AngelGold: We come from a musical family. We grew up singing and playing music everyday at home.


Anna: Angel 😇 Gold: Where do you find the ‘gold’ in your life and who do you think is your guardian angel?

AngelGold: I am the light aka Gold. It is a lifestyle. Angels are everywhere. So many people have shown me love and taught me things throughout my life that I hope to share with others.


Anna: Would you consider the possibility of performing on stage with a Greek singer or come to Greece for a concert?


AngelGold: Of course.


Anna: How often do you say ‘No, no, no’ to the people around you and what might be the reason to reject something?


AngelGold: I reject bad energy. Sometimes words get in the way, and so I don’t always have to say it (Lol).


Anna: What are you currently worried about?


AngelGold: I am worried about other people. I want and see the best in people.


Anna: What’s the most ironic thing you’ve seen happen?

AngelGold: Meeting and working with some of my favorites.


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