Cameron Silver: My desire is to scale the business more digitally for E-commerce

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French Fashion Designer, Yves (Henri Donat Mathieu) Saint-Laurent said the all-time classic quote “Fashions fade, style is eternal” and that certainly can be defined by only one person, which is none other than the treasure vintage hunter and Fashion Director of the “H by Halston” and “H Halston” Brands, Cameron Silver.

The Los Angeles-based talent and fashion philanthropist, who is undoubtedly one of the world’s preeminent experts on vintage clothing, managed to captivate the “hearts” of thousands people in the city of Angels, when he founded “Decades” -a vintage couture boutique- that named one of Time Magazine’s “25 Most Influential Names and Faces in Fashion”.

Since the opening of the American vintage retailer, Silver, changed the dress code of Los Angeles due to the fact that it became one of the foremost high-end vintage stores in the world.  So, in this exclusive interview on “Anna Krith’s Lifestyle”, the mastermind and king of vintage, shares some inside tips on how to choose wisely vintage clothes that suits your silhouette, what casual fashion trend you should have in your wardrobe and recalls the time when he sold a “$1000 crystal ball” for Debbie Harry when he was a freshman at UCLA. He also, comments on how he would dress up actress Charlize Theron and additionally, explains why he won’t open any other stores in the future.

A: Anna Krith – Journalist
C: Cameron Silver – Fashion Expert


A: Cameron Silver but I would say it would be better to call you Gold. Tell me about the rise and fall of your career.


C: I have been very blessed to have success in fashion. I was fortunate to be visionary and realize that pre-loved luxury and vintage were on the cusp of a new circular and shared economy that was environmentally friendly in the late 1990s. After 21 years, “Decades” remains a destination. There have certainly been disappointments along the way, but the challenges have led me to a very dynamic career in fashion ranging from a famous store, best-selling book, consulting for a myriad of iconic brands, and now serving as Fashion Director for the H by Halston and H Halston brands.


Α: Do you remember the first time when you assisted a celeb? Recall a moment with a Hollywood star that you won’t forget.

C: I worked retail all through college. I remember being a freshman at UCLA and Debbie Harry coming into the metaphysical book store, Bodhi Tree. I sold her a $1000 crystal ball.

A: ‘Dukes of Melrose’: From which episode you learned something about your character that changed you as a person?

C: I don’t know how much I learned about my character that changed me. Truthfully, a reality show is edited and produced to create a particular narrative so, I didn’t find the show particularly revelatory for me.


A: You are the fashion guru of vintage clothes. What would you choose to dress up Charlize Theron?
C: I would put Charlize in a one-shoulder 1970s Halston goddess gown!

A: In your book ‘Decades’, you say that ‘I’d rather be dressed up, than dressed down’. Explain that phrase.
C: I think, it’s always preferred to dress up and have that confidence than give-up and not make the best first impression. It takes the same amount of work to look sharp or look like a schlep.


A: If I buy one thing tomorrow, what should it be?
C: A perfect high-quality black t-shirt. Especially the ones in our H by Halston line on QVC. Our t-shirts are so soft and comfortable. I would go beyond and get one in every color.

A: How would you relate past and present fashion trends?
C: Everything repeats and all trends return. Naturally, things get re-interpreted, but we are constantly referencing the past. The trick is to wear something vintage in a totally modern and influential way.


A: Are you thinking of expanding your business? Would you consider the possibility to open a boutique in Greece or Cyprus?
C: I don’t have plans to open any other stores but I do love having trunk shows around the world from Riyadh and Saudi Arabia to Wichita and Kansas. My desire is to scale the business more digitally for E-commerce.


A: How do you know what will suit in your figure and which celebrity would you like to see wearing vintage clothes?
C: I often say dress your decade; certain body types lend themselves to certain decades. A curvier body will look amazing in 1950s clothing. Someone with broad shoulders looks elegant in 1930s. Conversely, if you are narrow shouldered the 1940s are extremely flattering.
A: Does fashion allow people to express their individuality or does it force people to conform?


C: Fashion is my daily outlet to express my individuality. When one is liberated from trends or conforming, personal style becomes an incredibly joyous and revealing window into one’s soul.


A: Any change you would like to see in the fashion world?


C: I would like to see luxury retreat a bit and be less ubiquitous. Everything is everywhere and we are losing the magic of discovery as brands over expand in search of massive revenue. I would also like to see more small and artisanal brands be developed that do not necessarily need to become global powerhouses, so that small is the new big, yet viable and profitable.

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