Kalben: “I would be delighted to perform in Greece, if anyone takes me for a duet”

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Music is the greatest communication in the world; even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.
Turkish Singer, Kalben is a great example of the aforementioned phrase, since her beautiful voice drives you in the rhythm, even if the lyrics of the song are in a foreign language.

She came like a storm on Istanbul’s music scene when she sang with her guitar in the living room of an apartment as part of Sofar Sounds and thenceforth she captivated the hearts of thousands of people around the globe.

In an exclusive interview to “Anna Krith’s Lifestyle”, Kalben talks about how guitar helped her “get through puberty” and recalls the time she was working as the Head of the Home Video Department at the Universal Pictures. She also admits that she would like to become braver as she always believed that people would say bad things about her.


On the other hand, the Turkish singer with the velvet voice would like to meet the American artist Patti Smith as Kalben says that “she is like the grandmother, she never met”. Moreover she states that would be delighted to make a duet with a Greek singer and perform in Greece.


A: Anna Krith – Journalist
K: Kalben – Singer



A: At the age of 14, you had your first guitar. Did you ever think that you would end up a successful singer/artist?

K: Well, I guess, that I only wanted a friend to help me get through puberty and my guitar was that best friend I did not have at that time. So, I did not dream about becoming successful or anything like that. Thank you by the way for evaluating me as a successful singer and artist. I believe I have a long way to go ahead of me.


A: Before becoming a singer, you were working as a Brand Manager in Universal Pictures. Tell me more about your role.

Κ: I was the Head of Home Video Department; before the premiere of any foreign movie that would show in the cinema, I was in charged to change the name of the film in Turkish and translate its synopsis, which was one of the best parts of that job.

A: Who gave you the support to keep writing in the beginning?

K: My mother always encouraged me, as well as my great Teachers at Çamlaraltı High School in İzmir.



Α: What is the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you while working on a song?

Κ: Forgetting the song : ) Sometimes, I just sit down and start playing and singing and hence I forget to record the song and so that track -in that moment- is lost.


A: Which musician would you like to collaborate with next? Did you ever collaborate with someone you didn’t want but you were force to do it?

K: I was never pressured per se, because I could be very direct when it comes to music. I cannot lie or pretend. So, I guess my character flaws also make up for good things. I would love to meet Patti Smith; she is like the grandmother, I never met.


A: What is the habit you are proudest of breaking or want to break?

K: I was a person who lived in the shadow of others; I would assume they would say or think horrible things about me. Now, I do not care about such a pressure as much as I used to. I just do what I feel like doing. I would love to be braver when it comes to expressing myself and I believe as years go by, experiences and lovely people I get to meet during concerts will help me become such a courageous person.


A: Tell me about your dream vacation and your worst one.

K: Barcelona is an amazing place; I have been to Samos last summer and everyone was so hospitable. I love warm cultures with smiling people who welcome you to their world without hesitation. My worst holiday did not happen yet, due to the fact that I tend to turn every experience into something valuable, since holidays are really hard to arrange.


A: What did you do for your latest birthday?

K: All my friends were at my house and we celebrated ‘till the morning; we made music, talked about the universe, religion, friendship and love. It was so real and it was the best birthday, I had so far.

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A: Would you consider the possibility to perform with a Greek singer?

Κ: I would be delighted to come to your country and have the chance to perform there if anyone takes me for a duet.


A: If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen?

K: Well, I would want to see a world without prominent leaders but communities, which are composed of people who want to live together.

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