Sunny Leone on her new cosmetic brand StarStruck: Daniel and I launched it with our funds


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It’s no secret that we are obsessed with all things that include makeup, skincare products and beauty trends. Hence, more and more celebrities are launching their own cosmetic lines.

Actress and Model, Sunny Leone may have made her way to Bollywood after featuring in plenty of Indian movies and becoming one of the top Indian Actresses of all times.

However, that’s not all; the stunning and friendly, Bollywood Superstar is also following on a new career path, as she enters the world of business and has surprised everyone with her amazing entrepreneurial skills.

In fact, Leone, is joining the long list of celebrities rolling out beauty lines, as she’s set to unveil her expected cosmetic line worldwide on 15th March.

The name of her line is called “StarStruck” and it has a variety of products such as lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, eyeliners and highlighters.


Surfing the net, you can see that beauty junkies everywhere will go wild and if we look back at Leone’s first launch of her unisex perfume brand along with her husband, Daniel Weber, massive success is assured.

Anna Krith – Journalist

Sunny Leone – Bollywood Actress & Model

A: On March 15 you are going to launch worldwide youSunny Leone on cosmetics line Starstruck: Daniel and I launched it with our fundsr Cosmetic Line called “StarStruck“. How do you feel about it and why did you choose this certain name?

S: It feels amazing to be able to launch StarStruck. We all have been working day in and out to make this perfect. I personally made sure that I checked, saw and chose every last detail about each shade and packaging. It’s extremely gratifying to watch everything come full circle. When someone walks in a room, I want others to see them and be StarStruck over them, which is why I chose this name.


A: In a recent interview you said that “it was something you wanted for a long time”. Why didn’t you launch it earlier?

S: I believe everything happens when it supposed to happen. We all have dreams and aspirations in life and this was mine. It takes a long time to feel like you have all the resources and know the right people when it comes to launching something. It was also important to Daniel Weber (my partner) that we did it with our own funding and no one else as partners. I didn’t want anyone else to get involved giving input in something that I am so passionate about. This is our baby and I intend to keep it this way for as long as possible.


A: Tell me about the “concept” behind “StarStruck. What do you think makes your line so special?

S: Well, since I work in entertainment, I am always trying out new cosmetics. The thing that I love the most is lip wear that lasts and that is made well. So, I focuses on the feel and texture of this line and made sure the pigments were strong so that when I wore it, I could start a press interview and it would still be on my lips hours later. What I love about my line is that I wear it constantly and most of my red carpet wear and promotions, I am most likely wearing StarStruck. I silly love it and I hope the people out there that would purchase this, will love it as much as I do.


A: What does your “StarStruck” includes and what is your favorite product?

S: My favorite color is “Cherry Bomb” and I am completely in love with lipstick and gloss but my liners are to die for. They are so nice and when you put them on your lips, they are so smooth. It’s one of the most important parts to wearing lipstick that last for a long time and making sure you have the perfect shape to your lips. I hate when I have to put on liners that don’t go on smooth or start doing weird things.


A: When you thought about this cosmetic line, did you get advice from you husband, Daniel?

S: Yes, we worked on this together all the way through. He has been working so hard on making my dream come true.

A: What do you think about Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic line?

S: I have not personally tried it but I think she is a genius.

A: Your products are all vegan and not tested on animals. Right? This is really important information for people who love animals. What do you think?

S: Of course. I think it’s very important to animal’s lovers and people that are not aware of what happens to animals because of our vanity. So, it’s my personal choice and Daniels that we maintain how we live our life in the products we create. If I saw out loud that we don’t do these things, then someone who is not aware might start to ask questions about other products they use and therefore paying forward an important message to people out there.


A: After launching this cosmetic line, are you planning to release another one or maybe clothes?

S: I am planning on releasing more cosmetics shortly. So much more to accomplish.

A: Have you ever been told by any of your fans that it would be a good idea to launch products?

S: No, not really. I just keep surprising them with things I do in my life. Lol

A: In which places would you go around the globe in order to promote your cosmetic line?

S: I would go anywhere if that meant people were interested in buying StarStruck. This is my life and I plan on pushing it to all corners of the world.


A: Would you consider the possibility to come in Cyprus for filming or launching your cosmetic line?

S: Yes, of course I would love to!!

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