Daniel Newman: It was a risk to admit that I am bisexual


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More than 60% of people around the globe strongly believe that you can be successful, only if you choose wisely to do just one thing at a time, but honestly there are people who are multi-talented and can support many profession “identities” equally well by “blending” everything and have exceptional results, according to some recent studies. 

Αmerican Actor, Producer and Model, Daniel Newman, is the kind of person who embodies everything that is right about the acting profession; the combination of his craft and dedication led him to success.  

In an exclusive interview to “Anna Krith’s Lifestyle”, the “Walking Dead” Actor, talks about how building a career as an actor helped him mature as a Human Being, since he states that he likes studying the mystery inside people’s minds.


Newman, recalls his childhood years by reflecting on the time he moved with his mom into the rural woods and had to work hard. He says that he learned to value real people and that the only thing that matters is the way you treat others, the respect you show your community and people you work with while he admits that he has “known the happiest people and the saddest wealthy ones”. 

The talented Actor and previous Model of Calvin Klein, publicly “came out of the closet” back in March 2017, and admits that “it was a risk he’d lose his career” but in the end the truth has set him free and now he has a massive support from the world and made appearance in support of GLAAD. Newman, on the other hand, hopes that sharing his story will give others courage to do the same. 

Among other, he explains what he does when he reads something about him that is completely false. Find out more by reading the interview.  

A: Anna Krith – Journalist 
D: Daniel Newman – Actor 


A: You have participated in several TV series including “The Walking dead”, “Homeland” and “The vampire diaries”. Which of these shows characterize you on a personal level? 
D: None of these shows or my characters represent me personally. My life is completely different than the shows but I love the shows I’ve done and also the characters because I think they all are optimistic people that are fighting for a cause they believe in and defending people and causes they believe in. I love to play flawed heroes; people that are human and make mistakes and have a lot of depth and turmoil, but at the end they are choosing to do good. If I ever play bad / evil characters it’s to set an example to the viewers of what not to do in their life, and what mistakes they don’t want to make.  I love the villain roles too. I’m an actor so I just love the art of it and studying people and the mystery inside people’s minds and why we do what we do.


A: Tell me about your childhood. What do you carry with you until now? 
D: I always lived in two worlds. My parents divorced; my mom was poor and my dad was wealthy. I grew up with my mom in the rural woods and country land out on farms, so I learned hard work and how to value real people and integrity. We moved a lot, so I lived in the inner city and I thought I was a black hip hop rapper since I was the only white boy. Then back to the country where we had a rodeo team. So, from a young age I learned to “act” to try to fit into different cultures and environments and survive. Then I’d live with my dad and learn about running businesses and the art of managing teams of people and structuring deals. The thing that carried over is “You are NOT Money…You are Human”.  The only thing that matters is the way you treat others, the respect you show your community and people you work with and your intentions and actions to provide opportunity and joy to other people. That’s all that matters. I’ve known the happiest poor people and the saddest wealthy people. The value in life is your service to other people and making a difference in their lives. Besides, you get what you give.


A: You also modeled for Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and Tommy Hilfiger. How is it to be multi-talented and do great in both careers? I mean, as an Actor and as a Model?

D: Modeling was a great adventure. It is definitely not a career for men. We make like no money but it gave me enough money and connections to explore the world and live on different continents from the age of 18 and get to know the people of so many different countries and see the “insides” of so many incredible cities on a personal level for so many years. That was such a huge opportunity.


A: How has the entertainment industry changed since you have begun your career?

D: I don’t know if the processes have changed much. Just different forms now but the basics are all still the same. The channels and players have changed though. Now with so much online streaming on demand content. I love that social media has exploded! My Twitter and Instagram have millions now. I love it. In fact, everyone reading this, go follow me now on Daniel Newman (haha). Also, a lot of small changes, like now we do auditions on tape from our cell phones and laptops and a lot of management work is done virtually and digitally. A ton of film has moved to Atlanta but I think most of the business fundamentals of Hollywood are all the same.


A: In March 2017, you came out as bisexual? How difficult was that for you and what made you to reveal it?

D: Huge. It was a risk I’d lose my career and it turned out to be the best thing ever for my career. In every country my business took off successfully. I was shocked, but I didn’t do it for me. I realized I’m perfect just the way I am just like the hundreds of millions of people just like us are perfect the way we are. I realized that I don’t care what prejudice people think. I care more about loving and supporting people, than worrying about things that’s really no one’s business anyways.  I did it because even though the whole world has become so loving and supportive of LGBTQ people, gay kids out there in so many places are still committing suicide and people in other countries are still being put in prison and killed. There is so much work to still be done. It is so important for everyone to be open and honest, because you think it doesn’t matter, but to all the kids and people in your community, when you’re honest about it, you’re saving their lives and making other people feel empowered and valuable too. It’s all about unity and visibility and making yourself known to help other people.


A: After that you made appearances in support of GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign. What’s the message to the people who are struggling to come out?

D: As long as you’re in a safe city/country to come out, it’s the best decision you’ll ever make. It’s so important to be visible for your community to see the success and diversity and for other people to know they’re not alone. On the other hand, if you’re in a city/country that it’s illegal, then find ways to make changes in laws and gain protection for yourself and prosperity.


A: What’s your personal goal for this year?

D: I’m executive producing two TV series and the CEO of a tech company, so I’m very busy. I love it.

A: Who’s the funniest person you have ever collaborated with in a film or TV Series in real life?

D: Obviously, Leonardo DiCaprio. We didn’t film anything together, but we hung out in NYC years ago and definitely was the funniest.


A: What is your favorite time of day and why?

D: Interesting question! I’m most alive and busy super late at night naturally! I have to force myself to go to bed at a decent time. I HATE mornings. Afternoon/ evenings are the best. I love seasons and the woods, so Fall and Spring are my favorites too.

A: If you could change just one thing about the industry with the wave of a magic wand, what would it be?

D: I’d figure out a way to make acting a “career” for more people. It’s so sad Screen Actors Guild published that 85% of working actors make less than $5,000 per year, and probably 5% of actors are “working” actors. So, it’s literally more of a career to play the lottery. Seriously more people win the huge lottery than the number of actors that can retire from acting. Like 1 in a million. I’ve gotten so lucky, and you see celebs all day, every single day on TV, but there’s 10,000 incredible actors for every 1 celebrity. It’s literally just a lottery of being in the right place at the right time with the right connections. Actors have ZERO control over their careers. You have a better shot at success, if you also create and develop/produce projects, but still there’s no guarantee anyone will buy it or if an audience will like it.


A: Recall the time you read something about you on a magazine and it wasn’t true. What did you do?

D: I’m not naming names (haha) but Reporters are human beings and often have agendas and political views with certain media outlets, so they often take actors quotes, and they take one sentence out of an hour long interview, and use it totally out of context, so they imply you meant something that they want you to say, even though you were talking about a completely different subject matter. It happened several times. I just usually have my PR Company contact them and let them know the quote is inaccurate and the –few- times it happened the press has apologized and corrected it. No big deal.


A: What’s your favorite vacation place?

D: NYC and Savannah Georgia and Paris. All the three of them.

A: Who do you most admire in life?

D: People that dedicate their lives to serving other people and making each day and each moment “better” for other people, even when it’s inconvenient and difficult.

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  1. kenslifesite says:

    you know what frustrates me? All these people who on one hand say “Keep sex in the bedroom! It’s no one’s business who you sleep with!” are the same people who need to announce their sexual preferences. NO ONE GIVES A DAMN! LEAVE YOUR PRIVATE LIFE YOUR PRIVATE LIFE AND QUIT SHARING!


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