Burak Hakkı: I wish I didn’t live in Istanbul


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Novelist, Mehmet Murat Ildan beautifully thought of two contrary quotes but with common course which in essence directly reflect the life of the Turkish actor with Greek roots, in the following interview.

The first one is that “A beautiful path does not need to invite people; the beauty itself is already an open invitation” and the second one is that “Sometimes you find your way and sometimes way finds you”; in both cases, the path for that Actor was a crossroad with many ventures and adventures, since his arrival in Athens after the acceptance of an offer to star in the theatrical play “The Circle” in Athens.

Turkish Actor, Burak Hakkı whose father was born in Komotini, Greece, talks in an exclusive interview to “Anna Krith’s Lifestyle” about his venture of coming in Greece and respond to the “invitation-call” he had received by playing in a Greek theatrical play (his first theatrical play ever) while on the other hand he opens about finding love in the face of Greek model, Hara Pappas and how much he loves Greece.




He also mentions that he would like to play a role of a “leader” in his acting career and then he shares a funny experience with a fan during filming “Yer Gök Aşk”(“Love is in the Air”) with Melisa Aslı Pamuk (She currently plays in “Kara Sevda” ).

Besides, Hakkı, says that he would consider a proposal for embodying a role in a Cypriot TV Series and explains why he wishes he “didn’t live in Istanbul”.

A: Anna Krith – Journalist

B: Burak Hakkı – Actor 

A: You are a famous Turkish Actor with so many successful TV series in your asset. Why did you choose to play in a Greek theatrical play in Greece? Did your Greek roots played a major role in taking this decision?

B: Well, for the past five years I have been receiving movie proposals from Greece and I m so glad. It all happened, when Greek Actor, Yannis Aivazis called me for playing in a theater play; I thought he was kidding because I never played in a theater before! İ like challenges and I like to force myself for making new steps. Athens is the place where theater started and as all actors in the world, I respect so much the Greek theater, so I trusted Yannis and believed in myself, therefore I accepted his proposal.


A: Did you find any similarities or differences between the Greeks and the Turkish people? Have you ‘adopted’ any Greek habit?

B: We have in common a lot of similarities in our daily lives; routine, words, food, even culture and behaviors. On the other hand, we have plenty differences. My father born in Greece and when I was a kid, I remember that him talking in the Greek language. I naturally feel like I have Greek habits and I like the lifestyle in Greece. Well,  I am careful not to use the word “M****a” 😉 I start the day in Greece with Freddo espresso,  (if you count this as a habit).


A: During your stay in Athens, you found the love in a beautiful Greek woman. Describe the moment you understood you fall for her. What was the most interesting thing about her? Would you consider the possibility to live in Athens and buy a house there?

B: Well, I have to admit that the first impression was everything but I fall in love with her the day we went for coffee, as there I started to know Hara better! Besides her beauty, her energy feminine, her background, her smile “captured” my heart . Of course these are not all; the most important thing in all relationships is passion and taking care of each other.


When you know someone and your heartbeat changes, a “baby” is born by the name of  Love. İt depends on these two people, how they will grow this “baby”. Also, honesty and understand each other are fundamental keys in a relationship. We are nearly 1 year together now and we live together, which is great.

A: You are currently in Istanbul for participating in a movie. What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?



B: I always wanted to play a great leader in my acting career and more specifically any leader which lived in real life. Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad was “Selçuklu” (Turkish Empire) emperor and one of the greatest leaders. We can take for instance, the Turkish series “Diriliş” which has a huge success -for the last 3 years- and all this time they talk about the Sultan. So this type of roles can change your acting career and take you in another level.


Likewise, I used to play roles such as the rich person or the businessman or the police officer but now i play an older character which leads an empire. This week, my part on a TV series finished and I am happy for this, since I have received lots of positive comments from the Media and spectators about my acting skills.


A: Would you consider a proposal in a theatrical play or a TV series in Cyprus?

B: Sure, I would consider it. The priority for me is the quality and what this play gives me and vice versa. I love Greece and the Greeks in general.

A: What are your thoughts about the Cyprus problem and what do you consider as the best solution to this major matter?

B: Well,  this is a political question and just to be honest I never understood the world of  politicians. I am a person who wants a peaceful world.


A: What’s your daily routine and what would you like to change?

B: I m trying to sleep well as much as possible, I take bath everyday and cook healthy food. I drink a lot of cups of espresso every single and I spend time with my fiancée and my family. Also, I concentrate a lot on my scripts and I read my lines and then I try to shape in my mind, how I can give “life” to those lines. Furthermore, in order to relax, I play some games on my iPad or I watch sports or movies. On the weekends my son visits me and we spend time together until Monday. As for what I would like to change, I only wish I didn’t live in İstanbul.


A: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?

B: I honestly have to say that I have a lot of experiences but I will share the most weirdest; I remember that when we were filming the Turkish Series “Yer Gök Aşk” with Melisa Aslı Pamuk (She currently plays in “Kara Sevda”) we had a bed scene shooting in the main house of Cappadocia! Suddenly, a lady, passed the security and climbed the last floor in order to enter the room where we were shooting and she jumped to the bed in the middle of us! This was the weirdest but best memory I had with with a fan. Also, another time, when I was shooting “Dudaktan Kalbe” (“Kismet”) in a hospital scene , a lady with newborn twins came and told me that she gave my full name to her twins. I was so amazed.


A: What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

Β: Scuba Diving.

Α: They say that everyone has a book in them. What would your book be about?

Β: İ guess, Ι can write about how bad we behave in the world but as I am an optimistic person I won’t publish that book. So, I guess my book would be about football!


A: How do you hope you’ll change as a person in the future and what’s your goal in 2018?

B: I hope God gives people more logic, so that there are no wars in the world but instead better life conditions for both people and animals and also to be able to battle global warming.


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  1. Ahelene says:

    Barrack Hakii could be the next James Bond, I believe he could do it. IF not then a lead role in a Bond film, to introduce him into the series and for future roles. OR a modern Turkish Bond.


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