Interview with Producer & Style Expert Anthony Ramos: The Access Hollywood Edition


American Actor, Orson Welles once said that “The enemy of art is the absence of limitations” and this interviewee has shown multiple times that he consists of a glaring example that there are no restrictions when you want to achieve something, even if this seems like a utopia on the surface. 

He was hired at “Access Hollywood” at the age of 19 and eventually, had the opportunity to collaborate with huge TV American Presenters, including Maria Menounos, Natalie Morales, Shaun Robinson and Liz Hernandez. 

In a candid conversation to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, Producer Anthony Ramos, unfolds his life and recalls the days who started his career, thus trusting the magic of beginnings and ended up reaching the “hills” of LA LA Land.

Ramos, also sends a powerful message 📧 to the world and more specifically to the individuals who violate the rights of the LGBTQ people, as he has joined “GLAAD” – a non-profit advocacy organization- in cooperation with some of the biggest Hollywood Stars. On the other hand, he shares his experience of “coming out of the closet” and how he managed to face his fear.

Except from the aforementioned, the multi-talented Producer, has another ace in his sleeve, since he is also a Style👚Expert, so I asked him to reveal 4 wardrobe essentials every woman should own. For the photo-finish he explains why American Actress and Food Writer, Gwyneth Paltrow is the goddess of style and reveals what he recently talked about with Puerto Rican Singer, Ricky Martin in Las Vegas.

A: Anna Krith – Journalist

A.R: Anthony Ramos – Producer/Style Expert

A: Tell me about your background story before becoming a producer at “Access Hollywood”.

A.R: I was hired at “Access Hollywood” when I was just 19 and finishing college. Just like Drake says in his song I “Started from the Bottom;” I was a PA and had to be in every morning at 4:30am! It was brutal, but it taught me discipline early on. Not too long I started to make my way up- I was promoted to the library and then the photo department which allowed me to express my love of celebrity fashion👗to my bosses.


Eventually, I was given an opportunity to be a producer on one of the side projects at “Access Hollywood,” which was called “Hollywood Green with Maria Menounos.” That experience really allowed me to learn everything about producing. From writing the story, booking the talent, crafting graphics I was able to do it all. After some time, I began to produce a segment called “Fashion✂📋Friday” which recapped all of what the celebrities were wearing that week and talked about the big news in the fashion world; I was booking on camera 🎥experts from InStyle magazine, Glamour, The Hollywood Reporter and more and then my boss thought that I should give the on camera role a try in 2012. What an amazing opportunity to have been given!


Eventually, I was given my own segment called “Style With Anthony” on “Access Hollywood Weekend” and I became a frequent contributor on both the evening show and the live morning show. I was also lucky enough to do on camera commentary with Natalie Morales, Kit Hoover, Liz Hernandez and Shaun Robinson about my other obsession- reality TV📺! Who would have thought I could have a job where I get to talk aboutThe Real Housewives” or “Keeping Up with the Kardashians!”


A: Which one do you prefer to be: Producer or Style Expert? Both have something in common: Celebrities – Describe a memorable moment with a famous person and explain why you chose that certain moment.

A.R: Producer by day, Style Expert by night?! Kidding – I’m very proud of the my career as a producer in Hollywood. Ultimately, in my early days at “Access Hollywood”, I wanted to become a producer because I liked seeing the big picture of things and taking an idea and turning into a super polished segment. Fashion has always been a passion of mine. I remember looking through my mom’s old InStyle magazines 📰and memorizing every detail about what Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Halle Berry were wearing! At my 16th birthday party I decided that I needed to recreate Ricky Martin’s outfit that he wore performing “The Cup of Life” at the 1999 Grammys  🏆I recently got to chat with him when he began his Las Vegas residency at the Park Theatre and I did get to let him know the impact his style had on me.



A: Except from all these, you have joined “GLAAD” as ‘Director of Talent Engagement’. Give me some more details about this organization and how it can help LGBTQ people to raise their voices. Do you think that the mission of
GLAAD has been ‘delivered’?

A.R: “GLAAD” is the largest media advocacy organization for LGBTQ people in the world. We work with celebrities, musicians , news outlets, films, TV shows and more to promote understanding, increase acceptance, and advance equality. Ultimately, GLAAD amplifies the voice of the LGBTQ community by empowering them to share their stories and be themselves. While we have made amazing progress, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done and I am so proud to be fighting the good fight.

A: Do you believe that the entertainment industry has accepted and supported the LGBTQ community or there is still a long way to go?

A.R: The entertainment industry is one of the most powerful assets we can use to get people to accept and understand LGBTQ people. We are seeing a lot more positive and inclusive storylines on TV and Film🎥, but we are still working really hard for an even deeper commitment to diverse content.


A:  I have read online that you are a big supporter of leopard print because ‘it always looks expensive’. Why is that? Give 4 style staples that people MUST have in their wardrobe.

A.R: Leopard print 🐾is timeless; ladies of all generations can wear and pair it with something black and you look classy and stylish. But one must remember not to over do it! Head to toe, leopard print can take you from classy to trashy really quickly! And I love that designers are creating pieces in leopard print for guys and items that are unisex. My Saint Laurent leopard print kicks are my fave thug in my closet and I actually just scored a really inexpensive short sleeved dress shirt from Guess.


Four Style Staples everyone should have

1. Black Skinny pants 👖– Nothing is better when you find the brand and cut that suit you and fit your body like a glove. They’re versatile and you can wear over and over again- but remember – never put them in the dryer! Air dry only! My personal faves are from All Saints who literally make the best black clothing ever!

2. Biker jacket 🧥– All girls and guys should own a really good biker jacket. It’s something that will give your outfit instant edge and I love that today there are really good options that are animal friendly (and less expensive!)
3. Big sunglasses 🕶– I am never going to get on board with the trend of teeny little sunglasses. In my opinion, the bigger the better. I’m obsessed with all of the amazing frames that Quay Australia puts out…and the price point is super reasonable.
4. Scents 💐– So perfume and cologne aren’t technically clothing, but for me it’s something that I wear every single day. It’s super important to find one or two scents that smell good on YOU. Something that smells amazing on your friend may not necessarily work on you. For me my go to is Le Labo The Noir 29;Someone stops me every single day and asks what I’m wearing…now you know!

A: Which celebrity in your own point of view is the most stylish, right now and who is kind of ‘out of fashion’?

Α.R: Kerry Washington literally kills it every time on the red carpet; she is someone who really enjoys and appreciates what it takes to have a major red carpet moment. My forever style💄 goddess is Gwyneth Paltrow who has mastered a look that is chic and minimal but never boring. As for the guys, David Beckham has been my personal style icon for decades. I have basically copied every single one of his hairstyles 💈 over the years, and no one looks better in a suit that he does.


A: What’s your favorite place to go when you are not in the mood or don’t want people to bother you?

A.R: Never underestimate the power of a good spa 💆day! There is no better escape than a sauna. I think it’s really important to take care of yourself and take time to recharge and the best part of going to a spa…”silence is golden”!

A: Have you ever visited Greece or Cyprus? If yes, which place did you like the most? Would you attend a fashion event 🗓and style some of the hottest Greek models?

A.R: I’m actually planningmy first trip to Greece as we speak! I have been dreaming of finally making it to Mykonos and Santorini and I’m so excited that I finally am taking the time to get away. One of my favorite things about traveling is seeing the different personal senses of style that people have all over the world, so yes, I would absolutely be game for a fashion event in Greece.


A: What social stigma does society 🙋need to get over?

A.R: At the end of the day, my ultimate hope is that people can accept people for who they are and stop the negativity. What is  the point of passing judgement on anyone. If everyone set an intention to be kind every day our world would be a much different place.

A: When was the last time you got to tell someone “I told you so”?

A.R: I’m not a big “I told you so person” BUT I do love it when I get into a new music🎵artist really early on and then they skyrocket to major success. For example, years ago I saw Lady Gaga at one of her first ever club appearances in West Hollywood and I was like “she is going to be a big deal.”


 Α: Tell me something that you were afraid to tell for years but now you can ‘let go’ with no fear -factor-

A.R: Coming out was a really scary thing for me, as it is for most people. But once I did, it realized it was the best thing for me. I was very lucky 🍀to have a warm response from the family and friends. I’m really happy to see more high profile people coming out. It is so important for our youth to see as they navigate their own journeys finding who they are.

A: What’s the worst thing you have eaten🍴out of politeness?

A.R: I am a self professed very picky eater…so, if I don’t want to eat something…I don’t!


A: What’s your good luck 🤞charm?

A.R: My mom. It may sound corny, but she’s always there for me and supporting whatever I do. She’s brought me a lot of luck over the years.

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