Interview with Brittany Martinez: The Model with the “Tae Kwon Do” black belt


They say that “beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart” and I could not agree more for this extraordinary woman that I had the opportunity to interview. She is stunning, multi-talented, energetic, kind and has the power to captivate the attention with her “Mona Liza” smile. She also has in her possession a “Tae Kwon Do” black belt which makes her a real fighter. 

In this exclusive interview to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, Model and Actress Brittany Martinez, walks us through her adventurous life is “composed” of “Pokemon games” and haunted mansions. She also illustrates, if she uses her “Tae Kwon Do” black belt for her own safety thus explaining the “growing up more as a tomboy” while she reveals that would love to shoot with Adriana Lima.

A: Anna Krith – Journalist

B: Brittany Martinez – Model/Actress


A: You are a Model and an Actress based in Los Angeles. How did all these started? 

B: I actually won a model search for “Elle Girl” Magazine out of over 5,000 girls. That’s what made me realize I could pursue modeling as a career.


A: I know that you have a black belt in “Tae Kwon Do”. Tell me more about it. Does that make men to fear to come and talk to you?

B: I wish it made men fear talking to me! LA guys are a different breed 😜. I do joke (but am totally serious) that I always wear shoes that are easy to pivot and kick in if I’m alone. You can never be too safe!

A: I have read that you are kind of a tomboy. What are your thoughts on that? Describe yourself in 5 words and explain why.

B: I’m really grateful that I grew up as more of a tomboy. Due to the fact that I was born first, my dad got me into everyone he loved; I probably watched “Star Wars: A New Hope” eighty times before I was allowed to graduate to “The Empire Strikes Back.”

He also helped me in sports and in all my Pokemon games 😊. Also, because my parents have always looked really young, seven -year- old girls in my class would talk about how cute “The Backstreet Boys” were and I would always think that was so creepy because they looked older than my parents 😂.

Well, I can characterize myself as kind, disciplined, loyal, headstrong and hardworking.


A: Would you like to have the opportunity to become a “Victoria’s Secret” Model and walk the catwalk with Iconic Supermodel💃Adriana Lima? When you watch catwalks on Youtube 🎞 what do you say to yourself?

B:  I think Adriana Lima is one of the most beautiful models of all time. I’d love to shoot with her. She is even more gorgeous in person.


A: What’s your favorite song this period? 

B: I’ve mostly been listening to film 📺scores to be honest!! Primarily, anything by Joe Hisaishi. Although, I love the epicness of scores in American films, especially in the ’90s.

A: What is the most exotic food you’ve ever tried and where?

B: I had pig intestines in Italy and I didn’t know what it was. I was just told to try everything and ask after. That was awful.


A: What is the last dream you can remember? Have any of your dreams become reality?

B: My dreams are usually at haunted mansions or in cool scenery; I always have to save people using martial arts or sleuthing around like a detective. They are really fun and I wish I was as cool in person as I am in my dreams.


A: If people could read your mind, what would they usually hear? 

B: My thoughts are all over the place 😂; they are usually positive. I always think Gabe and I are mildly telepathic with each other, because we will think the same thing or same song lyrics simultaneously.


A: What’s the weirdest crush you’ve ever had?

B: I’m not sure I’ve ever had a weird crush. The guy was either handsome or a really good person 😂

A: Has anything ever happened to you that you could not, and cannot, explain?

B: Not that I’m aware of…

A: What’s the most epic way you have seen someone quit or be fired?

B: Wow! I have never been asked half of these! I wish I saw someone quit in an epic way! I don’t work in an office. Years ago, I was put on 90 day leave from a frozen yogurt 🍧shop for not swirling the yogurt the proper way 😂 I wouldn’t say that was epic at all though 😂 


A: What are your most important rules when going on a date and how do you judge people?

B: It is pretty easy to find out someone’s intentions. Do they come from a good family? Do they open the door for you? What are their morals and beliefs? As long as you have the same morals as someone, you can be different in every other way, but it still works.

A: Any personal goals for this year?

B: Book more national campaigns and launch my company 😊













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