Interview with Magazine Publisher in Los Angeles Christopher Gialanella: The “Midas” touch edition


Award-Winning inspirational Writer, Israelmore Ayivor said that “One alphabet at a time, you can write an encyclopedia. One word at a time, you can publish an entire library” and indeed, he was right, if we take for instance the work of a person engaged in publishing magazines or books.

“Angeleno” Magazine’s Publisher, Christopher Gialanella, knows that better than anyone else, as he managed to run a media empire in the second largest city in the US.

Gialanella, took the time out of his busy schedule to talk exclusively to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle about how it is to be a successful publisher of 5 popular magazines in a competitive world and explains why this year’s annual “Live & Dine” event with close to 2.000 guests made a difference.

He then reflects on the big issue of homelessness in the “City of Angels” by sharing an incident of compassion by a Celebrity Hairstylist who spends his Saturdays “giving out complimentary haircuts” while on the other hand, Gialanella, gives the highlights of the 2018 “Golden Globe Awards”, thus reflecting in the “dominant-presidential” speech of Oprah Winfrey.

A: Anna Krith – Journalist

C: Christopher GialanellaMagazine Publisher

A: Before becoming a Group Publisher of four magazines, you started your career as an intern for your local Washington D.C. congressman. Did that experience help you to be the man you are today?

C: Yes, I interned for Congressman Dean Gallo, who was the Congressman for my precinct in New Jersey. My job was mainly to open constituent mail and answer each letter from the point of view of the Congressman. I use these skills every day when answering emails from readers, clients etc.

A: “Angeleno” is one of the five magazines you run. What’s the background story and if you had the opportunity to be the publisher for only one of the five (magazines) which one would you choose?

C: “Angeleno”, “LA Confidential”, “BH”, “Interiors” and “Weddings” are the five magazines I run, although I love them all, if I had to choose. “Angeleno” is my baby who I have seen grown up for the past 17 years!


A: You also run fabulous and glamorous events in LA. Which one was the most memorable and why? Also, describe a moment that you were running out of time for an event but you managed to do it.

C: My most memorable event is our annual “Live and Dine” event that takes place on the last Sunday every July. This is our biggest attended event of the year, with close to 2000 guests. This event represents the best of LA through luxury, food and fashion! In regard to running out of town, we recently had our “Awards” issue event hosted by Alison Brie, Milo Ventimiglia and Ana De Armas this past weekend. We had planned the event on Jan 8 after the holidays and solidified all of the elements for an event taking place only 10 days late, it went off without a hitch!


A: Attending the 75th Golden Globe Awards was really special, as this year the event had a different kind of character. (All wearing black on the red carpet). Did it work?

C: It was a special night on so many levels. Being a part of Hollywood, it was fun to see our cover stars come to life and shine. I did wear Black and well to support the “Me Too” movement taking place in our world today. Women’s rights have always been on the top of my list from the days in the 70’s where my mom took me on rallies to support women.



A: Natalie Portman and Oprah Winfrey’s speech were so inspirational. Do you think that the messages they send out there would be delivered on time?

C:I do. I think their messages were heard loud and clear and represent the sign of our times.

A: What was the highlight of the event, in your own point of view?

C: I enjoyed meeting the cast of “This is Us”. such an inspirational drama that literally takes me out of my every day woes for just an hour each day. Sterling Brown, Justin Hartley, and Milo Ventimiglia are phenomenal actors and meeting them was a thrill.

A: What do you consider to be your biggest professional achievement?

C: I would say running a media empire in the second largest city in the US!

A: Tell me about the toughest decision you had to make in the last five months.

C: Being in the media, it is tough to take any political sides. So, remaining silent on social media has always been tough for me.


A: What is the biggest lesson you never learned?

C: Money comes and goes, but friendships last a lifetime.

A: What is something that is considered a luxury, but you don’t think you could live without?

C: My Bell and Ross Watch! It’s sporty, classy and suits my personality.


A: What is the most heartwarming thing you’ve ever seen?

C: I love random acts of kindness. Being that homelessness is a big issue in the city of Angels, I recently met a celebrity hair stylist who spends his Saturdays down on skid row giving out complimentary haircuts to anyone who asks.

A: Would you consider going on summer holidays to Greece?

C: Yes of course. I do have a little Greek blood in me, as well as Italian!

Α: If your life was a book, what would its title be?

C: “The Journey Man” – meaning life is a journey and I take each day as it comes. When I wake up in the morning, I say to myself…”Where is today going to take me?”

A: Which goal of 2017 would you “transfer” in 2018?

C: Connecting the community together so they can build personal and professional relationships.

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