How to”buy” the ticket to happiness


It was a Saturday afternoon, doing some chores and at some point I looked outside; the sun was burning like hell and its rays formed a strange shape on the table in my living room. I stopped and stared at that extraordinary “thing”.  

I must admit that the very first thought that came through my mind was that it might be a sign from heaven but you know, we, humans, don’t usually believe in that kind of things. The strange heavenly “draw” looked like a star and in the middle it was “engraved” the number 8.  To me, number 8 –except that it’s my favorite number- it means something “magical”; have you ever thought that if you turned it upside down then Infinity is formed.  Obviously, it is more than a “God given sign”, it means something beyond -sooner or later the truth would be out.  

Somehow, my mood changed and I just felt the so called “different perspective of life”. A brighter one, a brand new “attitude” run through my veins, without even knowing the reason why. Since then, I feel more relaxed and decisive.  

You know, we all have different “faces” and “selves” and every single day we try to bring out the best of “me”, the attitude with that extra (s)mile. It only takes a few nanoseconds to realize the true meaning of life – which essentially is different for each one but it has the same common component, the road of happiness.  

Just to be honest, we all lose faith, every now and then, but in time there are people or situations that makes us feel proud or motivated to move forward, so that we can reach our “golden” goal that eventually would lead us to the right path. 

And then say, aloud, what is happiness and what does it take to be blissful? If you ask me that, I would answer that the simple things in life bring happiness; we all want to live the “big” life but even if you have that, you will always want something more and the story will be repeated. Ask yourself, if going for coffee, chatting with a friend or staying in to watch a movie would make you feel glad. According to a survey, more than a quarter said just a smile or a kind word put them in the best mood, while a quarter said a walk in the sunshine or a good night’s sleep was the “ticket” to happiness. Just figure it out and you will see that you don’t need much to be happy, just simple things that would combine to a “complex” life. 

As you can see, most of these simple joys are things we already do or have access to. It’s just a matter of taking the time out of our day to be in the present and immerse ourselves in them. 

Go to sleep and ask yourself, what really matters to you…Oh! and don’t forget to smile! The change has already begun.  

P.S: I’m a big believer in stepping back to enjoy the simple things in life and as a bonus the simple things are often free 😉  

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