Interview with X Factor contestant Talia Dean: The Next Big Thing


With the X Factor UK returning to our screens, we have seen many ambitious and talented singers to entry the show and become the next big thing in the music industry.
This year, the show has discovered a real diamond that seems to have the potential to win the X Factor and thus to make her dream comes true. That special lady is none other than, the 32 –year- old Talia Dean from West London.

She has not only “cast a spell” on the judges for her amazing vocals and performance but also for her job; Dean works at Heathrow airport as a VIP Concierge and has escort a lot of superstars. She even carried Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne’s bags, and as she mentioned in her first appearance in front of the judging panel “Nicole was the person who encouraged her to audition for the show”.

In an exclusive interview to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, the West London X Factor star and mother of one adorable boy, explains the reason behind she joined the show in the first place and comments on why she believes that she has “every chance of winning”. Dean also reflects on her VIP Concierge job and reveals that she once lost the bag of “Bleeding Love” singer and X Factor 2006 Winner, Leona Lewis. Finally, she make known that she would collaborate with an X Factor winner.

A: Anna Krith – Journalist
T: Talia Dean – X Factor UK Contestant & VIP Concierge

A: You are from West London. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

T: I am 32, from Hounslow in West London. I am half Italian, half English. Also, I am dyslexic and shy but a lioness on stage. I am a big kid but extremely professional at work.

A: You spent almost four years working at the Heathrow airport checking in and getting celebrities to their gate (VIP concierge). Did you like that kind of job? Describe me a funny incident with a famous person.

T: It was exciting but also sad seeing people living my dream job. Well, I once lost Leona Lewis bag.


A: During your audition, you said that the X Factor judges Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne encouraged you to audition for the show. Why is that? I mean did you feel like it was about time to pursue your dream?

T:  Well, I waited for almost two years as I was shy,  then I “fell” pregnant, but now I’m here; the universe just told me to do it NOW. I don’t know why but I had a feeling, like the planets were aligned.


A: How would you describe your experience on the X Factor so far? Have you met any of the other contestants?

T: It is amazing. We became a big family and we are very close. Indeed, it makes me sad to see people go home. I have to tell that it is a huge journey.



A: If you get through to the live shows, do you believe that you can be the winner? Which judge do you want to mentor you?

T: I would love to get through to the lives shows! Well, I have every chance of winning. However, the judge I would love to mentor me is Nicole.


A:What’s your identity as a singer? With whom of the previous X Factor contestants would you like to collaborate with?

T: Honestly, I have to say that I am raw and I don’t sound like anybody else. I can tell that I am “fresh” to your ears. If I could pick anyone to collaborate with it would have to be Shane Ward, because he is HOT.

A: How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

T: The answer is easy. I just smile and carry on singing.


A: You are a mother of one child. Tell me about it!

T: I can only describe it as: Late night, early mornings, snotty noses and dirty nappies but with lots of love.

A: Would you perform in Cyprus, after the show, if they invite you to an event?

T: Absolutely, but they have to pay for the flight.

A:  What was the weirdest prank call that you have made?

T: Sometimes, I pretend to be my manager. Obviously, it looks more professional (haha).


A: What is the habit you are proudest of breaking or want to break?

T:  The habit I’m proudest of breaking is being in a toxic relationship.

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