Interview with Fashion Blogger Elle Ferguson: A sneak peek into her fabulous life!

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The life of a fashion blogger seems to be a real dream through the eyes of an onlooker; one day they travel in New York and the next in Paris while on the other hand they relax in luxurious spas in Bali. If there’s even a tiny part of you that aims to become a fashion blogger you have to know that you are about to enter a competitive zone.

Fashion Blogger and Public figure, Elle Ferguson, navigates us in the “magic” world of fashion. She is notorious for co-owning the blog “They All Hate Us” with her longtime friend, Tash Sefton and for presenting the show “Style Squad”.

Also, according to “Daily Mail”, Ferguson “scored the only international guest invite to the launch of Kim Kardashian West‘s anticipated KKW Beauty launch in Los Angeles”.

In an exclusive interview to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, the stunning blonde girl who rules the fashion industry with her stylistic choices shares tricks on how to be a prosperous blogger and what she might wear if she was about to take a walk through the narrow streets of Acropolis, Greece.

Lastly but not least, the “They All Hate Us” beauty also comments on Victoria Beckham’s “amazing” global brand and reveals the very first thing she does every single morning.

Scroll down to read our interview

A: Anna Krith – Journalist

E: Elle Ferguson – Fashion Blogger

A:  Explain me the background story behind your blog’s name ‘They all hate us!’ – Indeed, it is a name to remember! (Catchy one and honestly, I think you can now change it to ‘They all LOVE us’).


E: Well, it all began 10 years ago as a daily email of images between Tash and me. Tash has a background as a buyer and head of womenswear for a leading youth retailer and I was the global visual merchandising Manager for a global swimwear Company. Now, the blog has over 600k visits a month and million of loyal followers on instagram.

tash 1tash 2

A: What’s inside Elle’s world 🌎 in general?
E: Elle’s world is an amazing place that is non stop… I’ve been presented with so many amazing opportunities that I’m just trying to say ‘YES’ with in my world. I’m lucky to have an amazing sister, boyfriend and friends that support me in my journey.

A: What’s the first thing you do in the morning and what’s the last one in the night?
E: Roll over and kiss my boyfriend… check my phone and kiss my Boyfriend.


A: Who are your favorite stylists? If you had the opportunity to give advice to one stylist what would it be and to whom?
E: Honestly, I admire everyone for giving it a go… I was addicted to “The Rachel Zoe project” and I have to say the level of detail she went into with dressing was so amazing.



A: Who’s the most exciting person you have ever met in your entire life?

E: Well…It’s simple.My mum!

A:What’s your opinion of Victoria Beckham’s clothing line?
E:  think he has her own unique handwriting and has created a global brand which is amazing.

A:What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?
E: Tash and I, stayed true to our brand and made sure we blogged every singe day.


A: Where do you tend to buy your clothes, and why?


E: I buy my clothes literally from everywhere but I LOVE vintage.

A: Do shops and advertisers send you samples of their goods to feature?
E: I’m lucky that i get to experience samples sometimes before they hit store.


A: Who does your amazing photography?
E: We work with many amazing photographers around the world but Caroline McCreddie is our in house photographer.


A: How do you come up stuff to write about every week?
E: You know…It’s life; there’s always something going on.

A: Imagine you are in Greece. Where would you go first and with whom? What style is the most suitable if you go to Acropolis and what in Mykonos? Are you coming anytime soon?
E: Unfortunately, I haven’t got any travel to Greece planned at the moment but I imagine white linen, denim shorts and tan sandals would “match” in this situation.







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