Interview with Joelle Laoun: The “Queen Rania” of Lebanon



Social influencers have become the fastest-growing area of communications, dominating the social space. In general, it is the growing band of creatives who use social media to inform, inspire and get their message out there in every area and specialism you can think of -from fashion to film-.


I recently had the opportunity to meet Fashion Influencer, Joelle Laoun, at a hotel in Limassol, Cyprus on a sunny afternoon. As soon as we sat down and started chatting, I understood that she was really humble and her personality made me feel like at home. 


The focus of discussion was basically, her visit in Cyprus, the secrets for a timeless style, the resemblance with Queen Rania of Jordan, the family ties and what the future holds. Also, we talked about her daily routine in Lebanon, her “trust” when it comes to choose a campaign and how she built her following on instagram which was the beginning to start influencing people with her style.




The “influential” beginning project

They say that one picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s exactly the right paradigm in this case; Joelle Laoun, was a beautiful lady who lived in Lebanon with her kids, ‘till she posted some major pictures on instagram. “Well, it all started when I posted pictures on instagram and some bloggers liked them and asked me to advertise products, do campaigns and TV programmes but just to be honest this is not my style- I can’t find myself in campaigns; I would rather do it if a friend wants my help or in case I trust the product. It is not enough to just be beautiful; you have to know what suits you and how to get dressed and to have positive energy. It was a little bit of everything, I guess”.


Speaking of campaigns, the lovely Lebanon lady states that “trusting” the product is really important before booking a project. “In order to agree to a campaign, I have to like the product; for example, If it is for a clothing line, I have to like the clothes and trust the product, otherwise I won’t do it only just to advertise it”.



From Lebanon to Cyprus – Holidays Edition

Cyprus is a small paradise to many tourists and Joelle Laoun couldn’t agree more. She says “I love Cyprus. It is near my place, Lebanon, and the kids like it too. Everything is so relaxing in this place. I also like the fact that people are really nice and friendly. We can even enjoy good food and the “golden” sun. You can feel like you are at home” and continues “there are a lot of beautiful places in the island but my first choice is definitely Limassol, since I have access to everything”.
When it comes to choose her holiday clothes she says that she prefers the “light” ones. “When I go for holidays, I choose light clothes, not fancy ones, because my lifestyle is more relaxing – especially when I come to Cyprus- which is a peaceful and restful destination. Personally, I adore mixing and matching my things”.

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The “lifestyle” of family ties

Joelle Laoun is not only a great person but she is also the mother of two angelic twin boys, who are the most important aspect of her life and she wants for them to find happiness in whatever they do. “Anthony and Elias are 11 –years- old and I love them so much. I want the best for them; I want them to be happy; to choose whatever they really want to do and I will encourage them in every step of the way and to do the right thing”.


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The Daily routine schedule

At a glance the life of a fashion influencer may seem glamorous and an exciting job but it can be demanding as well with a “crazy” schedule. “My agenda is always busy. We have a social life in Lebanon. When I wake up, I do my work out and sometimes my personal trainer come by the house , then I go out for shopping – I shop clothes for my family- then I return home to cook and to read to my kids. At night we (me and my husband) usually, attend Lebanon events”.



The royal resemblance

We all pretty much have someone out there that look on the outside just like us and Laoun is no exception, since she is being told that she is the “doppelganger”of Queen Rania of Jordan. “Everyone tells me that I look like Queen Rania. Especially, when I dye my hair brown. I don’t have problem when people compare me to Queen Rania. I actually, like it. She is a really beautiful lady. She knows how to combine fashion with queen duties. She is so elegant”.




All in all, the beautiful mother of two, doesn’t take life too seriously. “I love life and I am really positive. Everyone has issues but we have to face them with a smile. We have to forgive and forget. I am a person, whom I put things behind, because, in my opinion, life is too short to be sad and you shouldn’t let the problems bring you down. You have to be friendly and not to take life serious”.


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