Derek Warburton: The “unknown” life of Legendary Fashion Guru


Rachel Zoe once said that “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” and apparently she was right, especially when it comes to fashion industry.

Speaking of fashion, meet Derek Warburton, the “secret” weapon behind the style of dozens of trendy stars – including Beyoncé, Shay Mitchell, Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba, Heather Graham, Carmen Electra, Sean Paul, Mario Lopez and so many other Hollywood stars. He is not only a fashion guru, but also the owner and Creative Director of “LAPALME” magazine. In addition, he is known for his personal flair and philanthropic work.

In an exclusive interview to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, Derek Warburton opens up about his ambassadorship in Romania for “Feeric Fashion Week”, the plans for “LAPALME” magazine while he comments on Kim Kardashian’s evolution. He also talks about the “well-dressed” actress Cate Blanchett and explains why he would love to attend a Fashion Show to Cyprus and Greece.

Anna Krith: Journalist

Derek Warburton: Celebrity Stylist/International Media Personality

A: How is it to be a Style Ambassador?

D: It’s an amazing honor to be a style ambassador. I’ve been Ambassador of several fashion weeks and I am off to “Feeric Fashion week” to be their ambassador in Romania! I’m very excited to meet everyone. It’s going to be a fantastic week of fashion as art w/ incredible production value. I am also the ambassador of the city of Los Angeles for my philanthropic efforts working w/ the homeless.



A: How did you manage to get in the industry? Wasn’t hard?

D: It has been a long journey for me getting in the industry. I always knew I would make this my career but I started out as a makeup artist. I was very lucky in a short time doing makeup because I got a lot of great opportunities. Then I started styling and doing makeup until I finally transitioned completely over.

A: At what age did you start becoming fascinated with fashion?

D: I saw my first vogue when I was in the 7th grade. That was everything I needed to make we can’t to work in fashion.

A: Which celeb is the most well-dressed and which one is out of fashion?

D: One of my favorite celebs I talk about all of the time is Cate Blanchett. Sooooo chic! She knows what she likes and is spot on with what works on her. I don’t talk negatively about how people dress. Sometimes I wish they would make better choices but there isn’t anyone that always gets it wrong… missed for sure but not always.


A: You dress up so many celebs…How is that? Which one inspires you the most?

D: Dressing celebs is like dressing anyone. We are all people. The only real difference is being careful of what things may look like on camera. That becomes a discussion. But I don’t dress anyone for the red carpet anymore. I mostly just dress celebs for my “LAPALME” magazine. I’m the creative director and am co-owner. It’s a much different position for me because I am in charge because it is my product and the celebs mostly trust me to do my job.


lapalShay Mitchell LaPalme Magazine Spring 2017 Coverscreen-shot-2016-03-19-at-10-20-510x600dd



A: If you had to dress up Kim Kardashian – who was a stylist in the past- what would you were to her?

D: I love Kim’s evolution. I think for where she is in her life right now she looks perfect. She always needs to look body con. because of her body type and she is so petite. Simpler the better on her. Luxe fabrics and fabulous shoes are her style rules.


A: Do you have a favorite fashion week?

D: “Feeric Fashion week”, of course 😂😂😂


A: What measures can a person who is interested in this industry but doesn’t have the big dollars to attend fashion school do, to hone their skills?

D: Intern, intern, intern… I do a lot of public speaking to students in high school and college and I tell them all the same thing. There are two things that will help you develop a good career. Contacts and experience!



A: Do you have a stylist workshop that you conduct?

D: I do stylist workshops with the homeless and underprivileged women of NYC. I have worked with the women of Bottomless closet for about 10 years helping women get clothing and self esteem training to go back into the workplace.
I teach them how to dress to impress and walk in like they already have the job!

A:What trend would you most like to see disappear?

D: I hate cowboy boots and I am not a fan of bell bottoms… that’s all 😂

A: What do you think of Cyprus and Greece? Would you attend the fashion week shows there?

D: I LOVE the Mediterranean! I have never been to Cyprus and Greece’s Fashion Week Shows but I would love someone to invite me! I enjoy fashion week. It is a time to meet like minded creatives and come together to celebrate other like minded creatives. It’s incredible. I would love to come to Cyprus or Greece for fashion week.

A: What has been the most memorable moment of your career, so far?

D: Relaunching “LAPALME” Magazine. I have worked in magazines for years but to take something and launch with such fan fair, especially when you are an owner makes you feel so good. Plus it has opened so many doors to great celebrities, built my own celebrity and of course allows me to use my vision and grow!


A: What goals do you wish to achieve in the future?

D: I am launching my fine jewelry line called Mr.Warburton and I want that to flourish, I want to make a film. Plus getting “LAPALME” Magazine to the next level and continue to build my TV career.


A: You style a lot of people in the public eye, do you consider yourself to be a trendsetter?

D: I would never call myself a trend setter. I have done quite a few things first that I notice have come into the lexicon, but I do think that I am becoming a leader.


A: Describe a time early in your career where you felt you could say, ‘I made it’.

D: I will never say I made it. This journey will go on forever as long as I’m standing, the hustle is real.

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