Michael Olajide Jr: Interview with the Fitness Guru of Adriana Lima


Mohammed Ali, once said that “Champions aren’t made in the gyms; they are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision”. That quote can definitely relate to Michael “The Silk” Olajide Jr, a former Boxing Champ and owner of AeroSpace (wildly popular fitness spa) who keeps Victoria’s Secret stalwarts from Adriana Lima to Doutzen Kroes in peak form with professional athlete–grade routines.

In an exclusive interview to Anna Krith’s Lifestyle, Olajide, “unfolds” the adventurous story of his life and opens up about the highs and lows of his boxing career, the “Halloween candy” training with Adriana Lima and reveals some Victoria’s Secret fitness tips for the annual show. Finally, he expresses his opinion on the current issues in Cyprus and Greece while he shares his major goal.

A: Anna Krith – Journalist
M: Michael Olajide Jr– Former Boxing Champ and Fitness Guru

A: From fighting some of the “roughest” dudes in the world you managed to work with the “Angels”of catwalk. How do you feel about it and which one do you prefer?

M: I have worked with many of the VS (Victoria’s Secret) girls over the years and they all have a special something that makes them unique but ’till today, I continue to work with Adriana Lima. Her work, ethic, personality and the type of workout I teach just align correct – they match up perfectly. We are both perfectionists in our chosen fields. All the girls truly are angels  but Adriana’s an Arch Angel 😜



A: You have been trained from your father and now you train others. Isn’t that great?

M: My father was my trainer and then after my father, I had Hector Rocco who is also an incredible trainer and then Angelo Dundee… He’s a legend. He trained Muhammad Ali, the greatest of all time…There’s nothing else to say.

A: Which “Angel” you find the most productive and which one learns fast?

M: All the girls learn fast; some may be faster than the others or punch harder. Each one has their own strengths but that’s not what training them is all about. It’s about helping them maintain and sometimes attain a VS level body.


A: Describe a funny incident with Adriana Lima during the training.

M: Every time we train together we have fun, so it’s hard to single out one particular time. I do remember one Halloween she was in training for the show and on the way out of the gym there was a basket of Halloween candy. She started picking out different pieces of candy and put them in her hand (I thought she was going to eat them). She brought them over to me and then said, please have these for me… I’m in training. That’s dedication and a sense of humor.



A: What it takes to be a “champion” in life ?

M:It takes a “belief system”. You really need a belief in yourself. It has to be real and strong, because there are many road blocks on your life’s journey.

A: What’s the work out plan for the girls, when it comes to the annual VS show? Share three tips.

M: To the girls I work with, like to do a lot of cardio and muscle toning. Especially movements that are powered by your core. Specialized sculpting moves, jump rope moves and boxing combos. Training drills that get immediate results.

A: What’s the best part of your job?

M: The diversity in the people that I train and work with. People from all walks of life and many different professions. Models, actors, artists, executives, kids, you name it. I love the challenges and the rewards of this job.But most of all, people attaining their goals. I love it when the people I train reach their goal because it is a hard fought effort.


A: What it takes to get in the boxing ring with you ?

M: $350 an hour and a lot of heart. I’m really hard. 😜

A: What does Aerospace mean to you?

M: Everything. Aerospace to me, is the physicality of my business partner, Leila Fazel’s experiences. We take the conceptual to the physical and then to see people actually come in and benefit from your creation, wow. There’s nothing better.

A: Can boxing be made safer?

Μ: Yes. Boxing will become safer when people understand the sport better. From all sides, from the fan to some officials to the boxer’s themselves.


Α: What did you learn from boxing all these years? Is there any incident or situation that you will never forget? Describe that “legendary” moment.

M: I have learned that whatever you’re going through in life, whether difficult or good, is temporary and there’s a lesson to be learned from. Don’t just learn lessons from the bad things, learn from the good. I have had monumental wins and losses in my life, disappointments but my biggest joy that continues to give me energy every  single day is the birth of my two sons. My legendary moment? Being introduced to Muhammad Ali and having him recognize me. The Greatest!

A: If you could name one thing as the key to your success, what would it be?

M: I’m determined to accomplish my goal. And I am always trying to find a new way to reach that success.


A: What do you think of Greece and Cyprus (island near Greece) with the current situation? Have u ever visited Greece ? If the answer is no, are u planning to come anytime soon?

M: I have heard many beautiful things about Greece and Cyprus. I love its culture and history -so rich and incredible- but unfortunately I’ve never been. We all know that every country goes through pain and upheavals. That’s nature and human nature. But they are a strong people and when you have that type of character, goodness once again comes from this.

A: What’s your goal or plan for the future?
Μ: My goal is to bring “Aeromethodology” global. It just makes sense that it’s the most effective exercise for the human body and I’d love for the whole world to discover it.


A: In boxing, they say it’s the punch you don’t see coming that knocks you out. In the wider world, the reality we ignore is the one that weakens our most impassioned efforts toward improvement. What do u think?

M: Ha. That’s true, but sometimes you see the punch coming and you’re just too tired or don’t care enough to react. That’s why it is always important to pick the right fight and the right time to fight. Because life can put many fights in your life and you can’t fight them all. You’ll be too tired. The most important lesson you can learn in life is the lesson of you. Knowing yourself. Your character. Strength and weakness. That’s what life’s all about really. At the end you should know yourself.

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