Interview: The “portrait” of life of Rhett Wellington


In the entertainment business, when you can sing, model and act it’s called a triple threat but if you are mutli-talented and have more skills than the average then it’s called Rhett Wellington.

Read below the exclusive interview of Anna Krith’s Lifestyle with the “2 Broke Girls” actor and LA model, revealing thus his ups and downs of trying to make it in an industry where people who look like you -rarely do- hope you succeed.

A: Anna Krith – Journalist
R: Rhett Wellington – Model, Musician & Actor

A: How did you turn from a college footballer into a model?

R: I was actually a model before I was an athlete. I grew up modeling and acting at a very young age, but decided to focus on sports in high school and college. Both passions were too demanding to pursue at the same time so I put the arts on hold until graduating college.

A: What do you love about LA? What are some of the difficulties there, especially for a young model?

R: I love the opportunity and the people in LA. I’ve heard some horror stories about the city but I personally have had nothing but positive experiences. I think the hardest part about LA at first was to become connected. I feel like many young models and actors wait around and think that by simply taking class they will be discovered. When, I first moved to LA my book was basically empty, so I messaged and emailed every photographer and manager I could find on social media just to meet people and make connections.

A: Describe me a funny incident during a photo shoot.

R:  One time during a photo shoot a Great Dane dog bit my head while I was taking a selfie. I think, I took it by surprise but I still have a little scar on my hair line. Luckily we were able to cover it with make up and finish the shoot!

A: Except from being a model you are also an actor. Recently, you played a role in the hit TV show 2 Broke Girls. What was the experience like? Any favorite thing from this role ?

R: Working on 2 broke girls was an incredible experience. All young actors are hoping to land that first big credit, and I was fortunate enough to get that within my first year and a half of being in LA.


A: Do you find similarities between you and actor, Chris Evans?

R:  It’s funny I actually get compared to Chris Hemsworth more than Chris Evans, but I definitely do see some similarities. I was actually tagged in a post on instagram last year that said “if Thor and Captain America had a baby”.


A:  I really love your song “Masks”. What’s the story behind? Are you going to release new songs anytime soon?

R: Wow thank you. Most people actually don’t even know I’m a musician as well. There is no specific story behind “Masks”, but I definitely draw from personal experiences to create new hypothetical experiences. In other words my songs are never about a specific individual, rather many different experiences that I make into a creating fictional individual. I have no plans on releasing any solo music any time soon,but have been working hard with my new band called “the blame.” (@itstheblame)
A: With whom would you like to collaborate with?

R: Me and my band are looking to collaborate with artists of all genres. Rappers, singers and DJ’s alike.


A: I really loved the photo-shoot with Lucy Vives. What’s the story behind the photos and what’s the greatest thing about her?

R: Lucy contacted me on social media about shooting with her. Her vision was to depict a couple so perfect to the naked eye, but so imperfect internally. (Which is the truth with so many relationships, especially with the prevalence of social media). And there are too many great things about Lucy to pinpoint one, she’s awesome 🙂


A: Have you ever visited Greece or Cyprus? If yes, what did u like the most? If no, are u planning to come?

R: I actually never been outside of the USA, but would definitely go to Greece or Cyprus if the opportunity presented itself!

A: What’s your next steps in the music industry and the modeling or acting career?

R: I actually just arrived in New York for the first time for modeling while the acting season is a bit slow in LA at the moment, and my band is finishing up our second song hoping to release a 4 song EP by the end of the summer 🙂


A: Reveal something you kept a secret and u never told before in an interview.

R: I think, I’m a crazy cat person.

A: So, what’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing/producing/playing etc?

R: My favorite thing to do when I’m not being creative and working, is to relax and have fun with close friends.

A: What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

R: Legally, the trouble I’ve gotten into: Ι was caught throwing away a beer bottle by the police when I was 15, boring I know but more trouble is a secret 😉


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