Chiorri Costantinos: The 19 year old Greek photographer of Mariano Di Vaio

When you think of the word lucky, you probably think of things like winning the lottery but, in life, it’s the little things that count more often than not. Recently, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Greek – Italian photographer, Chiorri Costantinos, who is only 19 and managed to collaborate with Italian model Mariano Di Vaio, the Russian-Swiss model, actress, blogger and entrepreneur, Xenia Tchoumitcheva and German model, Toni Mahfud. Also, he comments on his Greek roots and how commerce “Nohow” was the beginning of his journey.



  • A – Anna Krith
  • C – Chiorri Constantinos


A: What’s your background story?


C: “I’ve born in Perugia, a little city in Umbria, which is in the centre of Italy, between Rome and Florence. My dad’s from Perugia and my mother is Greek, precisely from Heraklion, Crete. My education was a little complicated; I attended a very good scientific high school in my city but after a few months, I understood it wasn’t right for me, so i changed and I attended another one.


In the second year, i moved to another city in the north of Italy, on my own, without my family, in order to chase my dream and become a sport man (The sport I’m talking about was table tennis). There, I attended a private school, a lot easier than the others. After six months, I moved back home because of some problems with the club I was playing for. I finished the year of the private school doing some exams. When I came back, with the help of my mother, I found a professional school to become a video maker and a photographer and so I decided to attend it. From the first day I loved it and I started studying at home after the lessons, watching videos and reading articles about videography and photography techniques”.


A: How long have you been shooting celebs and how did you get into the industry?


C: “I started working a few months after I finished my professional school. I think I’ve been so lucky;  One day, following Mariano Di Vaio on Snapchat, I saw a story where he was saying that he was searching for new professional figures for his commerce “Nohow”. So, I tried to send the request and the day after, I got a message back. So, I met the “Nohow” team, I started a trial period for one moth and then I met Mariano. We have talked drinking a good coffee and he decided to extend the trial period for a few weeks. After two weeks he decided to hire me. That’s how my career started. Working with “Nohow” and Mariano, I had the opportunity to travel around the world, like in the USA , Argentina , China and so on.. and meet some celebs I was never expecting to meet, like: Jay Alvarrez, Chico Lachowski, Toni Mahfud, Xenia Tchoumitcheva, Marcel Florus, Jessey Stevens and so on…With most of them I also had the honor to shoot with”.






A:  Fashion and celebrity photographers are getting a bad rep for their use of Photoshop — what’s your thought on the whole phenomenon of radical “retouching”?


C: “I think every photographer is an artist, with his own style and vision. Everyone is free to edit his photos freely, without rules. That’s one of the reasons I love my job. Everyday you can discover new methods and post production techniques”.



A: What photographers or artists inspire you the most?


C: “There are a lot of artists and photographers that are inspiring me everyday. With the increasing of social networks especially Instagram, I found the perfect way to get inspired from photographers from all over the world just with a few clicks. I follow a lot of photographers with all different styles and I’m trying to learn from everyone”.




A. What’s your experience with Xenia Tchoumitcheva and Mariano Di Vaio? How do you describe each one?


C: “I went to Barcelona with Mariano Di Vaio for the presentation of the new “Huawei P10″ phone and there iI met Xenia Tchoumitcheva and Toni Mahfud. From the first instant I understood they’re very nice and cool people. I took some pics with them and I enjoyed it so much and I think they were happy about it too. They are both so kind and I’m still in contact with them”.



“Regarding, Mariano, I’m really grateful to him for all the things he done for me and with me; he believed in me from the first day, we went together around the world and I did experiences that most people can’t do in an entire life. I learned a lot from him. He is so professional; he is very finicky and because of it, I payed a lot of my attention to my works. Mariano can be funny and good-humored in every occasion, working or not is always nice to spend time with him and that’s a great quality”.



Α: What have been some of the obstacles or challenges you have faced in your career?


C: It would sounds weird, but  luckily, I never had big obstacles in my career. Maybe the only challenge I had, was the first trial day with “Nohow”, where I was a bit insecure about my abilities. Fortunately, the team saw a good humor in me and a big desire to learn and grow with them.





A. You’ve got a Greek name. What’s your roots? Send a message to the Greek people. Also, would you visit Cyprus or Greece anytime soon?


C:  “I have a Greek name because my mom is from Crete, Greece. When I  born, my parents wanted to call me “Faidon”, but at the end, for some reason, they called me “Costantinos”. I like my name, is particular and I love Greece; I have cousins, uncles and grandparents there. My message to Greek people? “ My heart will always belongs to Greece. Sending my regards”. As for Cyprus, I would really love to visit it due to teh fact that I’ve never been there.


A: Do you admire any Greek Celebs? Would you “portrait” any Greek celeb?


C:  “I admire a lot Zach Galifianakis and Jennifer Aniston who have Greek origins. They made an incredible career and all Greek people have to be proud of them for it as I am; I heard a lot about Marios Frangoulis, because it’s my mom’s favorite singer! She told me a lot about him and I listened to his songs, and they’re so intense and emotional. In case of an opportunity to shoot with some Greek Celebs i would really be happy to do it”.



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