We all talk about happiness but is there any? And if the answer is positive, then how do we define and approach it?


Well, I guess happiness is that feeling when you think that your heart is going to explode; when that feeling consumes you and makes you smile like crazy for no reason.

Happiness is a state of mind that contributes to your emotions and directs you to unknown places, even when you know that is an illusion of happiness; there is a big difference between a “fake-wrong” happiness and “reality-right” happiness. The first one is when you know that this feeling is wrong and try to foolish yourself that is right, but in this case you “fight” alone and there is a danger of getting hurt and it would be really hard to overcome it, because all this time you were pretending that you were glad, but the truth is that all was a lie. The second one is the right direction; you feel the real love inside you because of a person or a situation and you can ensure that you are correct because every time you see the “one” you will look into his eyes and feel that emotion consumes you.


Tip: Indeed, it is really difficult to be happy these days but anything is possible. Chase your happiness, no matter what but be careful cuz there is always a trap. Remember, that nothing is forever, just enjoy the moment and in case you are in a “fake-wrong” love just let it go and you will get what you deserve in the near future. Have faith in you and choose wisely. We all gonna learn from everything that will cross our paths. Another experience in the “book of life”. Don’t be sad just try with every inner power you have to overcome the obstacle and write a new chapter.



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  1. Beautiful, amazing & awesome both, pictures & post ! Thanks for sharing this & keep sharing such post !

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    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful words! It is an honor to me that people like my posts!

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