The labyrinth path


Sometimes in life there is no choice and no turning back; you can’t deny the feelings inside you, even when you know that they are going to lead you in one-way.

It is so hard to fight against that “aching” need that is generated from a look, a smile or the smell of a perfume. You can’t defend yourself and neither do anything. The only option is to keep walking through the “labyrinth” path and create memories that would help you move on, so you can be strong enough for the next “round”.

You can try and fall, then give it one more shot and follow the “shadow” of your dream-nightmare. It is just another day to find the “exit” in that labyrinth; either with the guidance of the person you want in your life –if he realize by himself that you need him, even when he knows that this “need” is prohibited- or by yourself due to the hidden rejection of the other person (he knows the truth but he choose to play the safe game, instead of try a new “trick”).

It is just the inevitable blank page of a book that is written by an unknown author just for you. Life has no manual, only a compass of a broken heart that you have to fix as you weave the thread. This is the rule of the game; either you follow it or you eliminate in your prison. There is only one exception; the key for the door of your prison is kept by the person you love the most but remember that the world is watching you. It is going to judge you. This is the cost. Are you brave enough to pay the price?

P.S: All spells can be solved if you have the courage to play with fire and risk to lose everything just to find happiness that is hidden behind that smile that is generated by seeing the person you desire the most.

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