Interview with Footwear Designer Kobi Levi: ‘A Walk of Art’

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Iconic Actress, Marilyn Monroe once said that if you give a girl the right shoes, she will conquer the world. Some of the most notable shoe designers follow Monroe’s quote and so the Israeli footwear Designer Kobi Levi.

In an exclusive interview to Greek journalist Anna Krith, the Israeli footwear Designer who creates extraordinary, classy and innovative shoes, explains how he started in the industry, how he comes up with unique designs for his “every 8 week collection” while he gives scoop on his fashion exhibition adventure in NY and reveals his opinion about American footwear Designer Brian Atwood.

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Curiosity turns into passion

Kobi Levi says that he was a curious kid and that made him realized that he wanted to become Shoe Designer. “I was always a creative and curious person, since I was a child I always questioning why things are the way they are, and if they can be different. I was drawing, painting and sculpturing since I can remember and shoes were always part of the visual. I was always fascinated by shoes, as wearable sculptures. When I started my design studies, I decided shoes will be my art form and will combine aspects from art, design & fashion”. He adds that he never thought that his passion for creating shoes, could become huge. “After graduating from design collage I started working for commercial shoe companies. While working for these companies, I created my shoe art just for myself, I just loved it… I never imagined that it’ll become what it is today”.

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Creating “unique” designs – The Madonna effect

The successful Israeli footwear Designer, notes that seeing people wearing his shoes gives him motivation to keep creating more. “It is amazing that people wear my creations. The idea behind the shoes, it is a combination; I like the communication on the design field, as well as the passion to always create new things in fashion. My ‘Footwear Art’ combines all these elements and became my own ‘niche’”. Levi, wants Madonna to wear his designs. “She is an eternal artist who always creates and not holding back, professional and passionate”.

Collections and Inspirations

Levi, doesn’t have only unique designs but even his collection is unusual. “I don’t have collections, I always create. Every 8-10 weeks new designs are being revealed, it can be one design or a series, according to the theme”. Regarding his inspiration he explains that they” come from various aspect of life.objects, daily situations, nature, people, pop culture, music, etc” while he uses “iconic images and design new things from familiar themes”.


The exhibitions

The extraordinary footwear Designer, traveled all the way to America in order to participate in major exhibitions and show to the world his unique creations while some lucky people who visits the venue can try his brand new shoe collection. “ I’m just completing a trip to United States. I have a solo exhibition in Boca-Raton, Florida where 40 different styles are shown in a gallery/pop-up boutique. Visitors can try the styles and order directly from the gallery, or simply come to see the shoes for real. I’m also participating in a group exhibition of shoe design ‘A walk of Art’ in ‘Parasol’ Gallery in New York city opening on January 23rs and will be exhibited there for two weeks. I also took part in the Gala event which features part of this exhibition as well as my designs. During this event two styles, ‘Toucan’ & ‘Ostrich’ were worn by actress Mili Avital, you can see on my Facebook page more details for both exhibitions”.

The “classic touch” of American Shoe Designer, Brian Atwood

Brian Atwood, is one of the most fascinating and outstanding footwear Designers in America and if you ask Levi what he thinks about collaborating with the American shoe Designer, he would say “Brian, is very creative, with a nice classic touch! I always think that collaboration with other creative minds can be great as in this way new, different things can happen”.

Actress and TV Host Whoopi Goldberg in Kobi Levi shoes
Kobi Levi’s Double Boot style is shown on “Born This Way” music video by Lady Gaga.

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