Sunny Leone: Exclusive interview with the ultimate Bollywood actress


She has won the “heart” of India with her acting skills and leads the chart of the most searched actress on Google for the last 10 years. She is elegant, stylish and mesmerizes everyone with her grace, yet she is down to earth. The above intro is for none other than the ultimate Bollywood actress and model, Sunny Leone.

In an exclusive interview to Greek Journalist Anna Krith, the beautiful actress opens up about the controversial interview with Bhupender Chaubey, her highlights and hard times of her career in Bollywood while she reveals that there were a couple times she wanted to quit but her husband Daniel Weber, figure out a backup plan.

“Hot Seat”: The vicious questions and the stepping stone

The glamorous Bollywood star, Sunny Leone, was interviewed by CNN IBN’s Bhupendra Chaubey on his show ‘Hot Seat’ but was probably not prepared for the sexist and humiliating questions that were going to come her way, but she definitely handled herself with utmost grace – like a champ. But how does she feel about it? “It was not easy for me to sit there and was caught completely off guard. I knew it was wrong but I did not want him to get the best of me and walk off. But what hurt the most was that no one in that room came to help or support me when this was happening, because they saw him as a senior journalist and were scared. I have never felt so alone in my life, then that moment”. Regarding, her past, Leone says that everything she has done lead her to this position today. “Everything was a stepping stone to something better. When I am feeling low I always remember where I have come from and then I feel great again”.


The most searched personality on Google in India

Google’s annual search rankings provide a fascinating glimpse of how much the Internet-browsing public cared about certain people; Sunny Leone took out the top spot for the most searched-for Bollywood actress in the last 10 years and she feels excited about it . “It feels great that my fans are so supportive. Also, it is interested in everything that I do or my team does. I am happy for it”.

Regarding her fans, she says that they do really nice things for her but the cutest comes from the little kids. “I am not sure about the funniest thing a fan has ever said to me but certainly, the cutest is when a little child comes to me and starts sing or dancing my steps from a song. I never thought in a million years I would have such cute little fans”.


The change: From Bollywood to Hollywood (?)

Bollywood actors such as Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, have already made their presence felt globally and played in many Hollywood movies but will Leone follow their steps? “I am very happy with my position here (Bollywood). If something interesting comes my way from Hollywood, then why not but it’s not something that I am actively pursuing. India and Bollywood have given me so much that I am still enjoying the space I am in at the moment” Bollywood’s sensation explains and continues by commenting on the Bollywood movies. “I would prefer people (production) to stop rushing to shoot a film; not all productions are like this but there are a lot that just want to start shooting without a locked script. I am not into on the spot changes unless the film is dependent on improve acting then at least you know what you are getting into. Comedy and romantic comedies are like that and it is completely fine. But basic dialog that gets changed that morning is something I would like to see change. I now choose directors that keep to the script so it’s not as often as before”.





The relationship goals and the supportive husband

The talented Bollywood actress describe Daniel Weber as her “way out” when she is moody. “If I am having a bad day, I usually vent it out to my husband because he is the only person where I can express myself properly without being judged. He has this amazing ability to make me laugh at any moment. This is a side that many people don’t always see unless you are in his inner circle and once he has made me laugh we both discuss it and try to solve the problem. Daniel always surprises me with things all the time” Leone ensures.

Daniel weber, stands by her even in Sunny’s darkest moments, including thoughts of quitting the industry. “There have been a couple times where Daniel told me, “hey we might have to go home” or “we need to figure out a backup plan”.That is when I absorb his sentiments and thoughts about the situation and think maybe he is right. Although, we both come back to each other all fired up saying no way, this is something we can get through, let’s fix it, screw those people , they are no one that matters to us and so on and so on. Sort of like when a coach gives you pep talk before a game. Daniel and I have many of these because of all the crazy things that happen throughout the years. Actually, we just had one last night about how we need to find some better inner zen and focus on assimilating ourselves better here in Mumbai and not be so obsessed with work”.



Friend or foe?

Nowadays, friendships are really difficult and when it comes to the bonds between celebs things are getting hard. The Bollywood sensation, express her thoughts on the topic. “Friendship is really determined by the time you spent together and how people act. In the entertainment industry, there is a very fine line of someone being your friend or if he just using you; the person who calls out of the blue and asks you for something PR related, I would say is not my friend; a pal is someone, that you might don’t see often and still ask you how are you? What are you up to? How is your family? I heard you were unwell, hope you feel better soon” she underlines.


The goal for 2017 and the upcoming holidays in Greece

Sunny Leone, sets her personal goals and objectives for 2017. “My goal is to just keep working; we have set out many plans for 2017 and they are all about staying diligent to accomplish those goals. Some of them include a cosmetic line, clothing and hopefully producing our first film. We are working on a great script right now. Finally, I would like to see something new launched on our end every quarter, not sure what will be possible but that is the goal”.

Even thought, the sensational Bollywood actress, talks about her visit in Greece and reveals that she is coming again this year because of her husband concert in the country. “I have visited Mykonos once and I loved it. It’s so beautiful; the people and the culture are amazing. Actually, there are a lot of similarities between the Indian family households and the Greek ones. Also, I have to say that people there are loveable and all about family and taking care of each other and provide the most lavish hospitality possible. I can’t wait to come there and take in the culture and eat a lot of Greek food while my husband is hard at work (laughter)”.


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  1. Adya Razan says:

    I love sunny, i’m a fan from indonesia

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  2. Shrisa Dutta says:

    She is such a gorgeous lady…so beautiful and cute..


  3. Mandy says:

    I am utterly disgusted at the fact that this woman who is such a disgrace to women of Indian culture has been given any sort of place in Bollywood.!!!


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