Exclusive interview with Maria Rosaria Rizzo on fashion and blogging


They say that style is a way to say who you are without having to speak but what it takes to become a stylish fashion blogger? Italian fashion blogger, Maria Rosaria Rizzo has the answer.

In an exclusive interview, the beautiful fashion blogger shares her story along with personal styling and gives us some insight info on how to develop and manage a fashion blog.

Paris: The source of inspiration

Maria Rosaria, was born in Italy but when she visited Paris, her entire life changed 360 degrees. “I’m an Italian girl, with a degree in biotechnology and a great passion for fashion. One day, I arrived in Paris and I realized that it was the place, I could make my dreams come true.” she says and continues by saying that the “city of lights” is literally her inspiration. “Paris is my source of inspiration and input to make blogging. I wanted to share with others the wonders of the city and my ideas of fashion.


The realization of “La Coquette Italienne” and the “Golden Blog Award”

After discovering her passion for fashion and blogging, the Italian beauty created her blog called “La Coquette Italienne”. “The “blogosphere” was becoming increasingly broad and it gained in importance and somehow this has given to me the desire to try harder and put all my creativity and energy in this project. At first it was obviously just a passion but after creating the blog “La Coquette Italienne” and winning in the “Golden Blog Awards” for best fashion blogs in France, I realized that I really liked that as a job and that I should continue in this direction”.

La Coquette Italienne at Milan Fashion Week SS17.jpg

Must-Read magazines

We often look to our favorite magazines to gain an understanding of what’s on trend in the fashion world, but what’s Maria Rosaria’s opinion? “I do not have a favorite fashion magazine. I love to read them all and often I read them online” and she recalls her favorite publications when she was a kid. “When I was a child, I spent a lot of time in my aunt’s knitting workshop, mainly reading “Vogue”, “Grazia”, “Elle” and “Marie Claire”. But, in reality, what I loved were the specials about fashion shows. But today, thanks to my work, I am able to discover many fashion magazines, unknown to most, which inspires me a lot”.


The wardrobe essentials

Our wardrobe, kind of becomes the center of our universe for a few moments each day — picking out our outfit for a big meeting, a first date, etc . But for all those moments you’ve ever uttered “I have nothing to wear”, the Italian beauty can enlighten you by sharing some tips and of course to tell you her favorite wardrobe essential. “A short black dress (but not too much), is my ultimate wardrobe essential. It is my master key. I can turn it into an elegant or casual outfit by simply changing the accessories, the shoes, adding a jacket or a sweater” and she added that “without realizing it, everyone follows the fashion rules automatically according to their own tastes; for example, if I wear a nice pair of showy earrings, I never wear a necklace, then I avoid mixing bold colors and I just choose clothes that fit well on my body but I always have in mind that dressing is a form of communication”.


Tips on blogging

Maria Rosaria, also talks about some of her ultimate fashion bloggers with whom she’d like to collaborate with. “When I started blogging I was very inspired by bloggers as Kristina Bazan or Chiara Ferragni. Now, thanks to instagram, I can find bloggers who have fewer followers and maybe few know about them, but they have really original styles and many inspirational photos”. Furthermore, she gives a tip for those who want to create a blog and blast the people who see blogging as profitable business. “Perhaps it may sound corny, but my real tip is: create a fashion blog, only if it is your passion, only if you have no expectations from this. I see many girls create a fashion blog just because it is the current fashion or with the aim of earning money. This last approach is absolutely wrong”.


Travelling the world

There’s no denying that bloggers do not have enough time for themselves, but when they do they choose wisely how to spend their free time. “Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I work all day long at my blog, (in some way) even on vacation. But when I don’t work on it I like to read, listen to music, run outside and devote my time to the people I love” Maria Rosaria explains and reveals the place she would like to build a house and stay there for living. “I travel a lot around the world. The first time I told that I would like to settle down, was when I came in Paris. But I had the chance to discover amazing places where I would be able to live every day, usually nearby the sea. Let’s say Bali; I have been there twice. Once, I even asked for information on how to buy a house there … maybe one day …”.


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