Exclusive interview with French model Jeremy Parisi

French model and winner of Italian Cup Judo, Jeremy Parisi, talks in an exclusive interview, about his childhood years, the rise to the fashion industry and the new project he is working on. He also reveals a funny incident from his latest photoshoot and explains why he feels “shy” being called a sex symbol.

“Déjà vu”…on the childhood years, studies and sports

Hunky, Jeremy Parisi, opens up about his background and career in judo. “I’m from Italy but grow up in Paris. I have studied Political, Economic and Social Sciences but after graduation I decided to focus on sports and more specifically in judo. I was in first division and managed to win the Italian cup in Judo. I also, joined the national team in jujitsu fighting. Indeed, I love sports”.


The modeling career and the family factor

The career in modeling did not take long to get in Jeremy’s life. “I went to a photographer, took some pictures and send them to an agency. That’s how it all started” Jeremy explains, while he adds that his family has been his greatest inspiration throughout his life. “I think, my family is my biggest inspiration. They motivate me to work hard and achieve my goals”. For anyone who wants to become a model, Jeremy explains that discipline plays a major role. “Someone who wants to start modeling needs to be more organised and have discipline with everything including, sleep, food and exercise”.



The “Smokey” picture and the campaign

The handsome model shares a funny incident which occurred during his latest photoshoot. “The photographer asked me to smoke for a picture. I never smoke but wanted to try it for the photoshoot. Just to be honest it was impossible to pose since the cigarette fall a few times on the floor and burned it (laughter). All in all it was a great experience” then he continues “I would like to do a campaign for perfumes, watches or cars but for now, I am auditioning for a French show”.


The daily routine of a sex symbol

Sex symbols have been a part of Hollywood for decades but the charming French model might not be comfortable with being seen as a heart-throb. “I have to admit that it is a really nice feeling but I try not to think about it. Being a sex symbol makes me feel shy”. Also, the model says that he hates going to the gym and prefers to train own his own. “I don t really like going to the gym. I prefer to train on my own; I run every day and do some exercises at home”. When it comes to his daily routine, things are really simple; ”If I’m not doing a photoshoot or filming in a studio , I wake up early and eat breakfast. Afterwards, I train for two hours, check my emails and go to some auditions. A typical night consists of watching movies with my girlfriend (actress Kelly Brook)”.


jeremy 2.jpg

Hollywood…goes to Greece

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and every summer the stars of Hollywood visit Mykonos, which is the most crowded island in the country. This stereotype does not exclude the handsome French model. “Last summer, I visited Mykonos for the first and I have to admit it was a really beautiful island. I had an amazing time there”.

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