Olivia Rudensky:From Miley Cyrus’ fan to the Entertainment Industry


Long Island native Olivia Rudensky , opens up about her journey to rise in the entertainment industry, how she managed to pursue her dreams by becoming Social media correspondent for Miley Cyrus. Also, she comments on the iHeartRadio project and sets her goals for 2017.

The bandier program and the mission imPOSSIBLE

Rudensky,20, talks about her roots and the bandier program. «I’m from Long Island, NY. I come from a Modern Orthodox Jewish family and went to Jewish school growing up. After high School, I lived in Israel for a year before attending Syracuse University’s bandier Program. I was accepted into an amazing music/entertainment program with only 25 kids a year». She then explains how she started the idea of becoming the biggest source of information for Miley. «I was a huge fan of hers and found out about twitter, when she announced she joined. I decided, I wanted to be the biggest source for all things Miley and made it my mission to be noticed by her».






The invitation at “The Ellen Show” and the funny incident

The beautiful brunette reflects on the day she met Miley. She told «Miley invited me to meet her in LA on “The Ellen Show”. She was SO nice. After the show, we went to her dressing room. There, she introduced me to her fiancé Liam Hemsworth. Indeed, Miley is an inspiring person and I learned a lot from her».



The iHeartRadio and the projects

The -20-year old, works on different kind of entertainment events but her biggest challenge was “definitely” the “Jingle Ball” project. «I work at iHeart in Syracuse but interned at z100 when I was in High School, and the biggest event was for sure Jingle Ball. I would love to work on Music Festivals like Coachella but my favorite one is the “Billboard Awards” because Vegas is so fun». She also explains the process of working on a project by saying that the procedure depends on the project. « First, I gather all of my thoughts, think creatively, write it down and get some feedback but it depends on what project I work on».




The trip to Greece and the goals for 2017

After a successful 2016, Rudensky, sets new goals for 2017. «I want my company that I’m starting to take off and also grow my personal social media brand». When it comes to Greece, she says that she «has to visit the country ASAP. «Ι would love to come to Greece. It looks SO beautiful! I need to visit ASAP! My parents went and loved it».


P.S: Hope you achieve all your goals for 2017…Good Luck!


Let’s remember when Miley Cyrus was on the couch of  Jimmy Kimmel’s show and talked about Olivia Rudensky.


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