Cameron McElroy: Exclusive interview with the “Tarzan” model

Can you imagine Tarzan in real life? We could say that the fictional character takes shape; Canadian handsome model, Cameron McElroy could incarnation Tarzan, since his appearance looks like the legendary jungle man. In an exclusive interview to journalist Anna Krith, he talks about his life, his modeling career and ambitions while he reveals which actress would like to have by his side if he was about to represent Tarzan in the big screen.



  What’s your background story, Cameron?

I was born in Cambridge, Ontario, finished high school there and went to London, Ontario for a year of college.  Dropped out and decided travelling the world was more interesting to me at this point in my life, so I went for it.

– How did you get started in the industry?

I was flown out by “Aronik” Swimwear Company to Puerto Rico; they contacted me on my instagram when I was just posting shirtless selfies and had about 1000 followers back in March 2016.

– How did you choose to be identified with Tarzan. I mean, how did the whole concept started?

Came back from the Dominican Republic for a swimwear shoot, all the local kids kept calling me “Tarzan”, so that’s how “TarzanCam” came to fruition.

coverrrrrr tar.jpg

–  Would you like to play Tarzan in the big screen? If yes, with whom as a co-star?

Hell yeah I’d love to represent the jungle man in the big screen.  Not sure the co-star as long as she fits Jane.  Margot Robbie seems like a perfect fit.

– What do fans say when they recognize you on the street? Describe a funny incident.

When I was in LA with Delaney Jane for her music video Easy Go, we went to the bar and people recognized me from her snapchat story.  Delaney is a pretty big worldwide artist.



– Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?

I consume multivitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes and I eat around 3000 calories of organic nutritious food every day.  I lift 6 days a week + cardio every day and add in Hot Yoga a couple times a week to de stress my body.


– Any tips for a male model who wants to start in the fashion industry?

Just put yourself into a situation where you will be surrounded by people who are in the industry and inspire you to make something out of yourself.

-Do you have any limitations? Would you model any kind of clothing at all?

Just to be honest, 5’8 isn’t too fitting for the runway.  I’d love to get into fashion modeling.

– With whom would you like to collaborate with and why?

Anybody who has the same interests as me; travelling the world, finding the beauty in the small things and has just a wavy personality.

-State your availability: would you travel? Work full-time, part time? Any hours?

Free as a bird. I’ve set my life up in this way where I am free to do as I please.


-In your instagram you say “Lost somewhere in the world” – Explain this…

I’m just a lost boy.  The world is a beautiful big place and I plan on getting lost all over it.

– Where do you see yourself in 12 years from now?

I’ll be 34 years old, so hopefully I will have travelled the world in the next decade and have my companies set up in a way where I can be financially stable enough to go on trips to help out other people. WAVY (clothing line) it’s coming.

-What’s your goal for 2017?

Make the most out of my life, capitalize on all the opportunities around me.  Starting up WAVY clothing line is my main goal.


Model: Cameron McElroy – Instagram: tarzancam

Journalist: Anna Krith – Instagram: annakrith

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  1. Doxa says:

    Αννα μου συγχαρητηρια. Το να εξασφαλιζεις τετοιες συνεντευξεις σημαινει πολλα, τοσο για σενα όσο και για το Συγκροτημα που σε εργοδοτει. Μπραβο σου. Χαιρομαι που ο “Ταρζαν” ανταποκριθηκε θετικα στο καλεσμα σου, πραγμα που δειχνει οτι καταφερες μεσα απο τις ερωτησεις σου να σε εμπιστευονται και να σε εκτιμουν για την εξαιρετικη σου δουλεια. Παντα τετοια.

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    1. awww!! Δόξα μου!! Ευχαριστώ πολύ για το support σου! xxxx


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