The “price” of a choice


After watching the movie “The Light Between Oceans”( starring Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender), a deep thought crossed my mind; in the movie, the main characters wanted to have a baby but due to the fact that they couldn’t do, the nature and God created a plan for them but it was either a blessing or a curse. They’ve chosen to go according to that plan but at the end they’ve been punished for that decision but it was somehow a redemption for them. They were good people but their desire to have a baby, forced them to act like that. So the whole point here, is that we have a certain desire that often leads us to walk on the “dark” of the road in order to get what we want.

That aching need makes us choose an “illegal” way in order to obtain our desire. Think about it, how many times do you act weirdly or pick the “dark” side, even when you know it is not right and you might get in trouble or have severe consequences? It is really difficult to act normal, when you have that deep desire inside you, because you feel trapped and you can’t take it anymore.

It is complicated when you think that you need something so badly and you can’t have it and then suddenly, an opportunity is in front of you. But you should know that if you take it, there is no turning back. You may take what you desire the most by choosing that opportunity but be ready to face the consequences. You never take anything for free. There is always something to connect the past with the future. Even when you get it, at the end that choice would haunt you and you will “pay” for taking the “illegal” way.

Have in mind that, the process is simple; either you take that opportunity, then facing the implications and then there’s it comes – redemption – where you are “clean” again, or you can choose the legal way and wait for it. It is the circle of facts and life.

TIP: If you think about it, our life is based on choices; some are good and others are not. So, be careful what you wish for and how you will get it, because everything comes with a price.

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