Love: The Gift of Choice


Love is a strange feeling that sometimes, it is inevitable not to sense. But is it a need or a choice?

There are different kinds of love; love at first sight, immoral love, true love or even the dangerous one. Whatever type it is, we have the right to choose the category and direction.
Love can direct us to make decisions, that we know are not right; at certain stages in our lives, our friends would tell us that he or she isn’t the right person for us, but we simply ignore the unwanted advice and let romance take over.

The notion of love

We can say that we love someone for their smile, their intelligence or even their humor. What we adore about those things is how they make us feel. It is the air we breathe and more specifically when we you feel inside us the “wind” to blow.

Scientists believe love is a DNA thing, where body chemistry connect through pheromones and such but to me is different; It is simple but people make it complicated. There is a difference between feeling love for someone (caring about a person) and loving someone (choosing to love that person). We may have love for someone forever but that doesn’t mean we choose to love that person until the end.

The gift

I see many people giving up saying that “it wasn’t meant to be”, just because of a difficult time but that’s not right since love consumes us and we live in the moment, even if it is not “forever and always”.

When we fall in love, we are given a very precious gift. It is like a big box filled with all the amazing things we have ever wanted and wished for but there is one thing that we tend to ignore: what is written on the box: Fragile.

TIPS: Relationships require hard work because if you don’t put an effort love would go away. Don’t be afraid to fall for someone and don’t listen to anyone but your heart. It is your life, your choice. All or nothing. Believe to that “Happily ever after” moment. Besides, When you know, you know. Right?


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