Why So Many Celebrities Aren’t Truly Happy – The (X)Factor


Celebrities live an elegant and lavish life and they seem to have it all but fame isn’t make things easier for them; they are still human beings with weaknesses. Why would they get depressed when they have the world’s best job, make the most money and are adored by the entire world?
Famous people suffer and they try to escape from the pressure that the industry makes them feel by drinking alcohol or by taking drugs.

The factors
– Celebrities are constantly under the public eye and everything they do is being judged. It is almost like being in “prison”; they have to be perfect from head to toe and behave well in order to be role models for the rest of the world but the price they have to pay is high. The pressure is in demand and so they cannot tolerate it anymore so they try to find a way out by doing crazy things or acting weird.

– The law of society is that if you have money and fame then you are on the “peak of the mountain”. Famous people try to reach that “peak” and somewhere in the middle they lose the true meaning of life. That leads to the “dark” side of the road (troubles, addiction to drugs, alcohol, and depression).

– Famous people, are surrounded by swarming fans, flashing cameras and on the top there life is all over the tabloids. Every move they make has an impact to them, either positive or negative. They can’t go out for dinner or watch a movie at the cinema. Those “barriers” in living a normal life have impacted their soul system which is falling apart.

List of Celebrities who conflicted with their unhappy lives

Deepika Padukone
The actress suffered depression not for a long span, but, she emerged as a hero, while discussing her ailment with the world. Speaking up about depression is uncommon in film industry, but Deepika felt the importance of breaking the taboo and tried to make the world aware with her difficulties while battling depression.


– Lady Gaga
Pop’s biggest star Lady Gaga went through stress and depression. She admitted that she takes medication every day for “mental illness”. The singer became very depressed at the end of 2013. She said “I really felt like I was dying, my light completely out”. But she soon came out of it and encouraged the world by saying that “Depression doesn’t take away your talents, it just makes harder to find. But I always find it”.


– Angelina Jolie

Oscar-winning actress too could not escape depression. She suffered severe clinical depression in 2007 when her mother passed away. She said, “My mother had just passed away, and I wanted to do something physical to get it out of my head for a while. I felt I was going into a very dark place, and I wasn’t capable of getting up in the morning” in one of her interviews.


– Lauren Jauregui

The Fifth Harmony star, cited for Marijuana possession at the at Dulles Airport in Virginia. Lauren, was subjected to search at the airport, and the singer was arrested after what appeared to be a bag of marijuana was found in her possession.

However, Fifth Harmony’s laywer Dina LaPolt, has since issued a statement saying that the singer was not arrested or detained, but merely cited and “released on her own recognizance.”

TIP: Fame and fortune is an illusion; we live in a soulless society that has placed too much value on something as meaningless as the admiration of people who are on the spotlights and have a lot of money. The result of fame is that money doesn’t bring happiness and we have to grateful for what we have.

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