Luck VS Destiny: The Fall & Rise



Sometimes life is weird, especially when you are losing hope to something that you desire and it is really hard to achieve but somehow you manage to rise and surface again – you can call it “destiny” or even “luck”.

In general, so many things can go wrong but it shouldn’t be about us being completely decimated during times of catastrophic failure, because life is about how we choose to react to things and what we decide to focus on.

No matter what you believe in: God, Buda or the Singular Universal Oneness that binds us all- by having faith– you can learn to understand that nothing is impossible to overcome.Faith, destiny and luck have the same goal and direction that each individual must follow. You may not know where this “journey” leads but you do know that the adventure will have ups and downs as a preparation for where you are destined.

In this sense, empowering yourself by setting effective goals is the key. So, figure out what domains of life you want to achieve goals in and what is the most important between these but in order to accomplish them, we need goals that are challenging and motivating. yet still realistic. We need to know where we’re going by achieving small steps along the way .

All in all, nothing goes unnoticed in the universe but we must wait for that “sparkle” to happen – the engine of the train to start and travel to our destination. Even great physicists like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, firmly believed that whatever happened in the universe had to be predestined.

TIP: Faith comes from within and we need to keep holding on –not let go in the middle of the journey– and keep walking like champs to the light. What begins is the unfolding of your real life purpose, leading to happy abiding and bliss – We always have a chance in life to make it better.

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