Inside The World Of Makeup Artist Allan Avendaño


A few days ago, I emailed the Manager of Talent & Brand Relations from “Starworks Group” in Los Angeles, Salena Martell, about doing an interview with the legendary Makeup Artist , Allan Avendaño. Without a doubt she accepted and she passed the questions to Allan – one of the most sweetest and talented Makeup Artist that Hollywood has ever made.



The gifted and brilliant Allan took time out of his super busy schedule to answer some questions on how he started his journey in the world of beauty, what he loves most about makeup, what it’s like to work with some of the industry’s biggest names, which celebrity he would kill to get into his chair and in addition, he gives some important tips for the “perfect” quick makeup look.
From the “Project Angel Food” to the world of beauty
Allan has always been enamoured by the glamour of beauty but the journey to the top was not covered in rose petals. “I grew up with Psoriasis and it really affected my self- esteem growing up. It gave me this fire to help people feel good about themselves inside and out. I also developed a fascination with fashion and the glitz and glam of Hollywood.”
He continues by saying that at the beginning nothing satisfied him. “When I graduated from college, I worked in television and entertainment. I realized that wasn’t fulfilling enough so I worked for a fashion magazine and I was still not satisfied”.
After working for four years with the non-profit organisation “Project Angel Food” that feeds people, who are terminally ill, Allan decided to leave due to the fact he wasn’t making much money, and look for a second job that clearly changed his life. “I worked there for four years but had to get a second job during the first year there because you don’t make much money working for non-profit organisations. I ended up working for MAC Cosmetics on weekends travelling to different stores as a freelance artist and I loved it. I became really obsessed with it. I realized that my passion for both glamour and helping people become more confident is fulfilled by doing makeup! I decided to put all my energy into it and have never looked back,” he said.
The Rising Star
Allan explains that when he discovered his true passion for doing makeup, fortune was by his side. “After leaving ‘Project Angel Food’, I knew right away that I was going to focus on makeup. I had a friend that worked for a television network that hired me to do makeup for their TV shows. I met many celebrities there and was very fortunate to get my start that way.”
Favorite Celebrity Makeup Collections: Sarah Hyland, Camila Cabello, Chrissy Teigen, Zendaya, Lucy Hale
The one and only Allan has worked with the industry’s biggest names but among them, the legendary Makeup Artist distinguishes his favorites and gives the reasons why.
His favorites list includes the following five beautiful women:
– Sarah Hyland: “The family member”
“Sarah Hyland, is like family to me. We’ve been together for 6-7 years and she has become one of my very best friends. We were there for each other professionally and personally”.
– Camila Cabello: “The amazing person and gifted artist”
“Camila Cabello, is such an amazing person and so is her family and team. She is so open to different ideas and is such a beautiful and talented artist. I’m very grateful to have been working with her now for the about 3 years.”
– Chrissy Teigen:  “The generous one”
“Chrissy Teigen, can make me laugh like no other. She’s so giving and generous and genuinely one of the funniest people I know. I’ve known Chrissy for about 6 years and she is the still the same person I met 6 years ago.”
– Zendaya: “The beautiful freak of nature”
“Zendaya, is a beautiful freak of nature! No one else can literally do whatever they want with their makeup or wear whatever they want the way she can! She is also such an inspiration to so many and is such a professional! She’s so creative and I really enjoy creating with her. She also can laugh at herself and we can laugh together really hard until I fall to the floor!”
– Lucy Hale:  “The epitome of cool”
“Lucy Hale, is just the epitome of cool. Though I only get to work with her when her regular, very talented and wonderful makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan (who is one of my very good friends) is unavailable, I still feel very bonded to her and just laugh and have so much fun!”
However, after working with the industry’s biggest names, he says he would “kill” to get “Black Swan” actress, Natalie Portman, in his chair. “She’s always been my dream face to work on,” Allan explains.
The challenge of different time zones
Allan may have found his dream job but he has to deal with different problems that affect his work; the physical factor is one of them. “Though, I’m always grateful to work, I think that the physical demands can affect you when most of the time, you don’t have the luxury or the space to have an assistant around to help. Lugging around a 60 pound makeup kit, travelling, and adjusting to different time zones can be difficult on the body. Due to the fact that you don’t have set hours, you try to fit in as much work as your body will allow. Mentally, you have to be confident and remember that there is abundance for everyone. There are so many talented artists all over and when you don’t book a job that you want you, have to know that there will be other jobs!”
The secret to success
The beauty expert shares the magic ingredient in order to become a successful makeup artist. He reveals that by studying you can achieve your goal. “Study, study, study and study some more. Look at fashion magazines, runway shows, red carpets and be aware of pop culture. Immersing yourself in what you want to succeed in, will help you to understand makeup references or looks that people want to do. Finally, be humble, work hard and be kind to people.”
The 5 minutes flawless makeup steps
The unbelievably talented celebrity beauty expert, Allan, shares tips on what to do when you have only 5 minutes to do your makeup.
The absolute necessities for a 5 minute routine, according to Allan are:
-Use a thin layer of tinted moisturizer and concealer to perfect skin
-Pump up the lashes with 2 coats of mascara and fill in and comb the brows
-Apply a dust of blush on the apples of your cheeks
-Throw on a lip stain, lip gloss or lipstick
Allan is indeed a role model and an inspiration for the people who want to work as a makeup artist. He is living proof that makeup artistry can be a fantastically exciting.



P.S: I totally believe that your “magic” hands and the sparkle of your beauty secrets will lead to the creation of your own line of makeup sooner or later. In general, I am 100% positive that people would look at you and say “Because of you, I didn’t give up”. THANK YOU, “master of art”…



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