Christmas…in need!



Today, I went at the central mall for shopping, I parked my car and headed to the entrance but as I was walking, I noticed two kids-beggars outside the mall who were asking for money. I did not give attention and moved on.

The mall was full of Christmas trees and people were doing there shopping. I walked by the shops and looking for something to buy – I did not want to buy something in particular, just went to spend my spare time – I was looking for clothes and I found 4 tops and two pants and I was heading to the cashier in order to pay. I was waiting in the line, until my turn came. The cashier yelled “next please” and while I was there I heard from the speakers the ultimate Christmas song of Mariah Carey (we all know the song – All I want for Christmas Is You) and suddenly a thought cross my mind; I am able to shop things and clothes that basically are unnecessary. Immediately, the two kids outside of the mall came through my mind and I felt the need to help them; I told the lady to wait because I wanted to buy clothes for the two little kids that were outside in the cold. I returned at the cash desk and told the lady that I changed my mind and that I wanted to buy these clothes (I told her to wrap them because the clothes were for gift).

After, I left the shop, I went outside in order to find the two little beggars; they were still there, begging for some money. I went close to them and said “hi”. The two kids gazed at me with a hopeless look and I told them that I got something for them. I gave them the two bags with the clothes, I bought for them. They opened the bags and then looked at me again. This time, their looks were different; they had the satisfaction through their emerald eyes – it was like I have gifted them, the whole wide world. Indeed, that moment was priceless and I will never be able to forget it. It was an act of aid and a lesson that we do not have to spend money in unnecessary things.



The Christmas spirit, is all about help the people who are in need, to give without expecting anything in return, to be able to make them smile by doing small things that in the “eyes” of that majority of people seem big. That’s the “miracle” that shows humanity. People should understand that they have to be nice, stop hating and taking advantage for their own sake. Days like these, are just tests for showing the purpose of human beings. We, people must be together, united – like one fist- and most importantly to fight for a better tomorrow and a peaceful world.



TIP: It is vital to understand the spirit of holidays like Christmas; it is a reminder for most of us to try and reach out to those in need whether it’s a family member, a friend, a neighbor or a stranger. This includes providing food, clothing and toys for people in need in order to enable them to experience the joy of the Christmas season – giving warmth, love and hope – that’s what Christmas should be all about. Be the “Santa” and the lights on the Christmas tree that would make people believe and always remember that the greatest gift you ever own is not found in the shops or under the Christmas tree but in the hearts of your family and true friends.

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