The “fair game” of Kindness



Today, I would like to talk about kindness; that helpfulness towards someone in need not in return for anything, nor for the advantage of the helper himself. The question that arise from the aforementioned, is do we have to be kind all the time?
Well, personally, I believe that we do not have to be kind all the time or to help anyone asks for assistance. Some people take you for granted or they even take advantage of your kindness for their own benefit. Do you know what do you have to add to your vocabulary? One simple word that can make the difference. Of course, I am talking about, “NO”. It does not make you a bad person if you say “no”, because certain people think that you are going to make favors for them all the time. That’s not a fair game.
YES, you can say that, if you feel like it but to the people who are next to you, they help you no matter what and you know that they will not take advantage of your politeness. Those people deserve your aid and you have to give it to them not for showing that you are a good and decent human being or because you have to do what it feels right but because sometimes we have to lift them up and be the rock they need.
So, YES and No are opposites for a reason; for using them in times like these when you want to denote and give emphasis to the matters that are important (YES) or unimportant (NO).
TIP: Always be yourself no matter what and be kind but be careful because there are dangers and traps in every “please” or “help”. Do good and good will come back to you but have in mind that you must “scan” the reliability of the person who begs for “salvation”. Look him in the eyes and you will know the right answer and of course DO NOT FORGET, that you can “kill anyone with kindness”.

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