Thanksgiving day, is a national holiday, celebrated mostly in Canada and the United States, for all the blessings you had the previous year, but honestly don’t you think that you have to be thankful, every single day?
People forget that waking up every morning is a blessing and take things for granted. Go outside, for a walk and look around you. You will find all types of people; individuals who are outside in the cold without having the necessary /raw materials, misery people that are desperate and looking for a better tomorrow. Now look at yourself; you have a house to stay and avoid the cold. Now open your fridge, what do you see? The fridge is full of food which most of it is unneeded. You have clothes to wear. The question that arise from the aforementioned is why do you need more and more things instead of praying and saying the most simple word; “THANK YOU”…


Indeed, it is really facile but we make things complex. I totally believe, that people and myself as well because sometimes I am not grateful for what I have and I want more things, don’t think that one day, things can change dramatically; nothing is for granted, we all can switch positions and our “world” can be destroyed – we can all lose what we have in a heartbeat, even if we are rich or privileged- so be grateful and down to earth. Be patient and the right time would meet the right place.

TIP: No matter what failure we have made in life, we can turn in faith to Christ and find salvation. The world is full of evil and our lives are not all sunshine, but we ought to be grateful to God and we ought to express our gratefulness to Him. Finally, we must remember that whether the world is bright or dark, God’s Word is always the same.

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