Destination: Home


Where do I really belong and how can I go “home” and fight for my dreams are questions that have crossed my mind, long time ago.

The past haunts my present and certainly my future. I do not know how to explain that feeling but it is aching my heart;  I feel that this is the right moment to follow my dreams and go to the “land” I truly belong.  Sometimes, I lose myself and I can’t think of anything else. I can’t live in a normal life; I do not chase things that ordinary people are after (e.g.  Falling in love). I am not happy by being normal and honestly, I do not have any explanation for the way I act. Just can’t do the next step because I need an opportunity or something to hold on to.

Personally, I know that I belong in a different place from the current one. Sometimes, I feel that “home” calls me and I cannot click the “accept” button in order to response, because I stuck here and I have no other option so that I can fulfill my dream.

What if I am wrong? 

I know, I can’t be wrong due to the fact that this feeling is deep in my soul, my mind and in everything I do or say. I know that this is my future, because I did experiments; I interviewed people, attend events or concerts and when I was doing these, my heart was happy. Honestly, I smile and feel like I do not want this to end. That is how I know.

In fact, it is really hard to follow my dream, even if I believe in me and in the power that I have got inside. But I lose hope, because time flies and I can’t do anything to stop it. I do not have plan A or B or a fairy with the magic wand…I just have my instinct and my “broken” heart. I need a sign, a vivid reason in order to keep fighting for what I stand for.

I cry, I give in, I fall and I rise but I know that every dream is worth fighting for and I have to keep going and maybe one day, the universe, God and my heart would lead me “home…”

TIP: We born with a destination-dream, and time is ticking, so we have to figure out a way to fulfill this aching need, we have inside and walk the path that we are destined. You do not need any “passports”- just the power to fight and overcome the barriers that you will find in your way.


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